Here are 3 essential points of eyebrow shaping!

How about eyebrow shaping? How to shape while buying eyebrows? Are you one of those who say “I cannot trust anyone, I want to get my eyebrows myself”? Oh, do not miss the tricks you need to pay attention while buying your eyebrows. Eyebrow shaping is a very laborious situation. You can unintentionally cause an unpleasant appearance. The Elmael. As com we have prepared what are the tricks you need to pay attention to while shaping your eyebrows. Here are 3 basic points of eyebrow shaping!

Tweezers selection is very important!

You should get rid of cheap tweezers right away. Inexpensive tweezers both hurt your eyebrows while taking your eyebrows and stay with your eyebrows. For this reason, your preference should be for quality tweezers when you buy your eyebrows.

Start by cutting!

Start by cutting the rebel wires scattering to the left and beginning to appear in irrelevant directions. Before you cut your eyebrows, the point you need to pay attention is to comb in the direction of growth with the eyebrow comb and then cut. It is good to be careful. If you miss too much, you can get unpleasant results.

Paint before buying eyebrows

You can move more easily if you paint the area you want to stay with an eyeliner before you start to buy your eyebrows. You can reach the shape you want by cutting the eyebrows that are outside the area you are painting and taking them with tweezers.

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