Hidden dangers in the baby cradle!

Every parent wants their baby to sleep in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. The cradles that parents prefer for the comfort of babies and babies spend most of their time, many in danger is making an invitation. According to the report of the Consumer Products Safety Commission in America, the number of babies who died due to hidden dangers in the cradle between 2000 and 2012 is 32. As you can understand from this number, some details that have never been thought of before can be dangerous for life safety of babies. Firstly baby cradle there are certain safety standards that you need to pay attention to and follow before buying. What should we consider when choosing a baby cot? We mentioned these security standards in detail. The height of the bed must not be less than 50 cm and the fence spacing must not exceed 6 cm. Another important point is that the overall height of the cradle does not exceed 120 cm. In the cradle bed should be of the highest quality material and visco if possible. But this bed should not be so soft that it is buried in the baby. Nothing should be put in the cradle as much as possible. Here are the safety notes about the baby cradle that parents should definitely consider:

  • Never take the cradles with the cover downwards. With the commission report published in America in 2011, all of these cradles were recalled.
  • If the baby cot is in a wheelchair, make sure that the baby does not slide or move as it moves. Secure the bed frame securely. Do not let the baby overturn the cot and fall through it.
  • Position the cradle in accordance with the earthquake safety regulations.
  • Never hang a shelf or other object (mirror, table, clock, etc.) that may fall on the cradle level.
  • The bed you choose must be fully compatible with the bed. There should be no dangerous gaps between the bed and the cot where the baby can get stuck.
  • Never use cushions and pads attached to cradle rails that were thought to be safe. These Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) can lead.
  • Lay it in the cradle in the supine position to protect your baby from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. (You may be interested in our article titled Is it right to sleep with your child?)
  • Absolutely extra mattresses in the cradle, especially when you leave your baby alone, toys or stuffed toy.
  • The more empty the cradle, the safer it will be.
  • Do not hang ornaments or ribbons, if possible, on or around the baby crib.
  • Do not use blankets while your baby is sleeping, especially since young babies do not develop reflexes. To protect your baby from drowning danger Overalls or lay down with a sleeping bag.
  • If you are going to cover your baby with a blanket, squeeze and secure the blanket to the edges of the bed as if you are putting a sheet. Pull the blanket up to the baby’s chest.
  • Hang the cradle cots to a height that the baby cannot reach. Make sure it is intact. Stop using it when the baby starts to rise.
  • you are using sheets baby must be wrapping his bed. Abundance or elevations created by the bed sheet may pose a danger to the baby.
  • Neither too hard nor too soft for your baby bed Select. (We also suggest you read our article titled sleep patterns in babies.)
  • Get the cot and baby furniture from a manufacturer you trust. Make sure that these products do not contain lead and antifouling paints.
  • Wooden doll of cot make sure there are no pieces of splints that will harm the baby at any point.
  • Review the risks such as the bed being broken and your baby getting stuck together, so test the soundness of the bed and bed you will receive.
  • Avoid models with over-indented projections so that they look decorative.

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