Facelift, , although it is perceived as a medical procedure due to aesthetic concerns, is sometimes seen as a medical necessity. Nowadays, we can not mention that only women prefer face lifting operations, which are performed with aesthetic concerns. Facial lifting procedures, which are also very popular among men of our age, are often preferred to recover skin loosening and sagging that appear after a certain age. It is also not right to mention an age restriction for face lifting procedures because it is sufficient to find that the person feels his own face and that the face has lost its dynamism as a result of the examination. Patients lose weight after obesity surgery, which has become very popular today, and the sagging skin that causes skin weakness and an uncomfortable appearance, bothers individuals. These patients also prefer face lifting techniques.


What is a facelift band?

Surgery is not essential for face lifting. One of the preferred methods of today is the facelift tape. Face lifting bands that are easily accessible to everyone, even from online shopping sites or cosmetics stores, are often applied by people who are dissatisfied with their current state. However, it is important to bear in mind that the applications made with face lift belts, which are preferred at a relatively affordable cost, are only a temporary solution and the standards of these commonly available products are controversial.


Is it possible to face lifting without surgery?

Facial lifting without surgery should not be considered only face bands. Non-surgical face lift procedures such as botox, filler, laser, cellular therapy, which are also referred to as “non-invasive”, that is, methods that do not require much intervention to the patient, are also options. At this point, it should be paid particular attention that all these processes should be done by qualified people and by experts in places with hygienic requirements. Because it is a fact that it should be kept in mind that the procedures performed without having these conditions cause serious problems such as infection and allergy. As it is reflected to the public many times, the problems caused by such practices, which are carried out unconsciously, cause people to face irreparable consequences. And another thing to keep in mind is that permanent results should not be expected from applications such as botox, laser and cellular therapy. These applications have an activity of 6 months or 1 year. After this time, the activity gradually disappears and the process may need to be repeated.


How to do face lift surgery?

In addition to non-surgical, injection-performed procedures for facelift tape and facelift, surgical facelift is also possible. If the person applies due to obligation and / or aesthetic dissatisfaction, it is not difficult to eliminate these problems with face lift surgery if the skin is loosened and sagging due to the examination performed by a specialist physician. With the developing technology, both the cost of such operations and the speed of the operation and post-operative processes increase the preferences in this direction. While planning the surgery, firstly, by looking at the patient’s youth photographs, it is determined how aging occurs, where and in what direction deformation occurs.

With face lift surgery, there is a common belief that only the skin is stretched. However, this is not true. With a correct and successful operation, not only the skin, but all the skin layers are shaped in three dimensions. The incision made on the skin interferes with the connective tissues under the skin, mimic muscles and tissues loosened downwards. With the touches of these deep tissues under the skin, the loosened, sagging elements are moved to the places where a normal face should be and the existing disorders are eliminated. One of the main questions that come to mind regarding face lift surgeries is whether there will be any scar left after surgery. Since face lift surgery is performed in endoscopic methods with 1 to 2 millimeter small incisions and the hair inside, there is no scar image. In classical methods, these incisions are healed in time and become invisible, as the front and back of the ear and the natural lines of the face are placed between them.


How long does the face lift surgery last?

It is extremely possible to obtain a result of rejuvenation on the patient’s face between 5 and 10 years with face lift surgery with proper planning. The permanence of the effects of such surgeries to be performed in competent hands is definitely longer than the face lifting band and other methods. Although it is possible to pronounce this permanence period as 10 years under normal conditions, it is useful to underline that the main determinant of the period is the living conditions of the person. Factors such as excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, a stressful lifestyle, insomnia, avoiding sports and exercise, inadequate and problematic eating and drinking habits, and perhaps not taking precautions against sun damage, which may be important, may shorten the 10-year permanence period. In individuals who have adopted a quiet lifestyle, restricted alcohol and cigarette consumption, or completely eliminated it, have the necessary sleeping habits for adults, regularly and adequately fed, our body performs the minimum exercises it needs and protects itself against sun damage. it should be noted. “I had an operation once, I do not need to do anything anymore” without compromising the convenience, by fulfilling personal care requirements and physician-controlled laser, filling, botox and similar small touches; It is in the hands of individuals as much as possible to keep the satisfying appearance you have achieved as a result of the surgery as long as possible.


How does the process work after face lift surgery?

Until recently, there were concerns in patients such as face lifting surgery that the face would be very swollen, bruised, and the person would not be able to get into society for a long time. However, there is no need to carry these concerns today. Because the technology developed in the field of plastic surgery has been minimized thanks to the endoscopic surgical methods, the healing time has also visibly accelerated in parallel with this. While the length of hospital stay after the operation is usually a day or two; At the end of this period, the patient who is discharged can directly return to his daily life. If there is bruising or edema on the face, it is possible to talk about the swelling between 48 and 72 hours and the edema begins to disappear. After 7 to 10 days, the patient will be able to return to work. A 1.5-2 month waiting period is required for the surgery to reach the final result and the face to become natural. Another concern about the postoperative condition is that the new state of the face will be very different from the old one. “Can I be recognized by my environment? Can I be distinguished from my photos in documents such as driver’s license and identity?” concerns are extremely unwarranted. Because with the procedure performed, there is no intervention in the bone structure, which is the basis of facial expression. It is provided to gain a younger, more vivid appearance only with the intervention on the skin.

If you want to look younger and get rid of the sagging of your face, you can make an appointment with our plastic surgery or dermatology experts to get information about both surgical and noninvasive methods.