How are the Positive and Negative Comments of Those Who Use Bıttım Soap

Bıttım soap is a type of soap made by adding Bıttım oil, which is wild pistachio, into Menengiç oil. Since Bıttım soap is very beneficial for both skin and hair, it is regularly used by many people. You can safely use Bıttım soap for your skin, hair and face.

Bıttım Soap User Reviews

  1. My wife went to Siirt to work. Bıttım bought a mold of soap for me to use for trial purposes, and I have been using it for 1 month. It is really good for hair loss. My hair is dull, thin and greasy. You should definitely use it if yours is like that, it adds intense volume to the hair. After I take a bath with this soap, I apply cream to my hair, then comb and rinse. I did not have any difficulty scanning for him.
  2. I’ve only finished my hair twice, but I’ve already started to see its effect even though I have washed it with soap. My hair has got a shiny look and it is no longer greasy like it used to be.
  3. It has been around 12-13 years since I started using Bıttım soap. I always wash my hair with this, it is a very nice product and it has a great fragrance.
  4. I have been using soap since 20 days. If you have hair eczema, this product is for you! It has a strong effect. Don’t look, it’s tough, in a word, super! Especially, it is extremely beneficial for hair oily. Continue using it without interruption and you will see how useful it is.
  5. I had eczema-like scars. I finished the soap I bought for him. It is really useful. It is suitable for skin diseases such as fungus and eczema.
  6. I use soap when washing my face. But it’s important to have real soap. Something amazing!
  7. I heard that Bıttım soap has benefits for hair. They also wrote in the comments on the internet that it especially eliminated acne. I trusted them and bought them from a herbalist. I applied it to my face a few hours ago, it has made my skin extremely stretched. My face began to peel off. So I was disappointed.
  8. 2 weeks ago I went to a transfer and bought unbranded soap. I have been using it from that day. I have thin, dull and greasy hair. Moreover, it sheds a lot. (More precisely, it used to be.) I am not sure if it is due to soap, but now it is not spilled. My hair looks fuller. But I have to say that using this soap requires some patience. In the beginning, you may feel that your hair feels like felt and is getting stiff. But don’t worry, your hair will return to normal after a while. Bıttım soap will soften and strengthen your hair.
  9. I have been using Bıttım soap, which I brought from Siirt, for three weeks. I only apply this when washing my hair. There has not been much change in terms of shedding. However, I can say that it is decreasing day by day. The perfect solution to dandruff. My hair has recovered. It has a nice effect on the lengths of my hair and leaves a sticky feeling on the ends. I guess that’s what happens because of the oils in the soap.
  10. My friend went to Mardin; On the way back, I bought the soap and gave it to me. It is often recommended for use on hair. However, I used it for my face, thinking that ‘it might help my acne too’. It cleansed my skin, revitalized, relieved rashes. Even though I did not eat healthy, my acne decreased.
  11. I was suffering from eczema and hair loss. I wanted to try the finished soap for this. But it made it worse, I didn’t like it at all.
  12. Bıttım soap is a product I have been using for my face for an average of 1-1 and a half months. The redness, acne, and whatever blemish on my skin started to pass. Moreover, my skin does not get too oily anymore. However, it creates pores on the skin. I am not satisfied.
  13. Friends, I got eczema on my hands, I have a pronounced rash. I finished 3 days ago, even though I started using soap, I haven’t seen any benefit so far.
  14. While washing my body, I am done using nothing but soap. But would anything happen if I rub it on my face? I’m afraid I applied it once on my hair and the sight I encountered was horrible. While I was trying to dry it, my hair got sticky and I had to wash it a second time. It hardened my hair so much… I had no problem using it for my body, on the contrary, it has a very nice effect. It eliminated the pimples on my back.
  15. It is a product that I have been using for 2 years without interruption. However, for some reason, I have not been able to benefit from it in the last three months. It ruined my hair. They became like piles, I can’t even scan it, imagine it. My hair is always intertwined, I don’t know how to open it.
  16. I bought Bıttım soap and I can express that my hair loss has decreased after 2 months of use. But it caused extreme dryness in my hair and hence it got incredible dandruff. I regret using it.
  17. I finished 1 bar of soap, I took the soap and scrubbed my body with it while taking a bath. I had rash-like spots and pimples, it healed them. It has made my skin smooth. It can be used with peace of mind.
  18. One day I went to the transfer for a different reason, the transfer recommended it to me in between. At first I was very satisfied. But after the 3rd and 4th wash, my hair started to become very hard. I already have dry hair, it turned out to be felt like because of the soap. Will I use it again? Never!
  19. I have been using Bıttım soap for a month. It was originally produced in Siirt, I learned later. It is impossible not to be satisfied with this soap that brings the end of dandruff and reduces hair loss noticeably. But I can’t help but tell that it makes hair slightly stiff and smells bad.

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