How best to clean a bottle? The most hygienic washing method with vinegar and baking soda

It is very important how to clean the bottle, which can cause bad odors when there is milk or formula left in it. You can offer your baby a hygienic environment with the bottle cleaning that you will perform with the right methods. How is bottle cleaning done? How do milk residue in the bottle pass? How to clean bottle with vinegar? Does bottle cleaning with baking soda work? Brush and sterilization method for bottle cleaning. . .

If you want your baby to grow and develop smoothly against harmful microbes and bacteria that can cause diseases in the body, you should make sure that all the items you use, especially toys, are hygienic enough. You can take care of all the places your baby will be in contact with, paying extra attention and care in a healthy way. It is very important to be conscious about the cleaning of these auxiliary products, which are the most used among baby products and mothers’ hands. You should pay attention to some issues for the cleaning of the bottles that you can sterilize with healthy and correct methods. So how is the best bottle cleaning at home? What should be considered when washing the bottle? How do milk residue in the bottle pass? The most hygienic bottle cleaning methods. . .



The detergent you use in the bottle should not contain chemicals. For this, you can perform bottle cleaning with organic baby detergents you can prefer. Milk residue left in the bottle can affect and harm the baby.

For this, you should pay attention to the bottle being rinsed very well. The first thing you can do to clean the newly received bottle is to rinse it under water for a long time and then put it in boiled water. The bottle you boil for 5 or 10 minutes will be sterilized by itself.



It would be a big mistake to use bleaches in baby products that women do not know about cleaning. Accordingly, it would be more appropriate to keep baby products away from chemicals and clean with natural materials.

Baby bottle brush

When choosing the tip must ‘half moon’

Prefer the ones in the form . Some bottle brushes have smaller removable brushes at the tip. With this section, you can clean the places your baby’s mouth touches.

The water you put in a basin of medium size that you will have in front of you perfume, paraben and chlorine-free natural detergent

Add and foam in the brush. Then put the brush in the bottle and wash it well. Clean the silicone area on the bottle cap with the small brush coming out of the end of the brush.



Pour half the water into a large saucepan and add an average cup of tea from the white vinegar used for cleaning. Then with the glass bottle (plastic can damage) You can add other materials such as drinkers or teats. After boiling for about 5 minutes, cover the bottom of the stove and pour the water in it and wash the materials one by one with bottle cleaners.


Put water in a deep saucepan and put the inside of the bottle juicyly. Rinse the bottle that is boiled with some carbonate to be added to both bottle and pot. After cleaning the pot, boil the re-bought products with water only.

Then, when the bottle is warm, clean the bottle with a sponge. Perform drying with a clean cloth.


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