How do children love and teach English? English children’s songs

Research shows that children who learn English at a young age are more successful in the future. You can start by making your child love English at an early stage. Here are the educational English songs you can listen to your child …

It is an accepted fact that language education starts at an early age all over the world. If you want to be a conscious parent and think about the future of your child, you can provide qualified training in the age range where perceptions are high. If you want to teach your preschool or primary school child English by making them love it, you can make it easier for them to learn by listening to educational foreign language songs or through colorful interesting English story books. In this way, foreign words will take place in your child’s mind and learn with pleasure. If your child’s auditory perception is high, you can focus on activities with the listening method. For example, playing games with English songs … So what songs can be played to make children like English? List of parts popular with English:


English songs

Here are educational English song suggestions that you can listen to your child …

1- To learn the letters: The ABC Song

2- To get to know his body: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

3- To count up to 10 numbers: Ten Little Indians

4- For family members to learn: The Finger Family

5- Days to learn: Days of the Week Song

6- To recognize the months: Monts of the Year Song

7- To recognize colors: The Apple is Red

8- To recognize the animals: Old MacDonald had a Farm

9- To distinguish the shapes: The Shapes Song

10- To understand the adjectives indicating the weather: How is the Weather Song

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