How Do Holes And Pits On The Face Pass? Medical Treatment Routes

Facial holes and pits, acne pits, acne holes are common skin problems. They usually appear as acne scars. Unfortunately, they do not go through natural methods, they definitely require medical help. If you suffer from this condition, you should consult a specialist dermatologist. Your doctor will apply the following methods for you.

Laser therapy

Laser is another effective method used to treat facial holes and acne scars. Depending on the condition of the facial damage, your doctor will apply laser treatment that peels the skin or renews the skin without peeling it. In the treatment that peels the skin, the upper layers of the skin are burned away for the holes on the face, and it is aimed to remove the younger and smoother skin from the bottom. After the skin is peeled, it takes an average of a few weeks for the new skin to appear. Laser is the most effective and expensive treatment method for hole and acne scar treatment.


The most commonly used method to remove facial holes is to inject substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid into the hole. These substances help your skin to have a smooth appearance by filling the gaps caused by acne, cysts and other skin problems.

Chemical Peeling

With the chemical peeling method, the spots on the upper layer of the skin are removed by using chemicals. Superficial scars are very effective for superficial punctures in the skin. Chemical peeling is performed by a specialist. The upper layers of the skin are burned using chemicals. Since chemical peeling can cause serious burns, chemical peels should not be applied to people who are not experts in this field.


In the dermabrasion method, the upper layer of the skin where acne scars and facial holes are located is peeled off, as in the laser method. In dermabrosion, a metal brush is used to peel the skin. The scars disappear with the upper layer of the skin peeled off with a metal brush. The healing process after this method may take two to three weeks, depending on the size of the area where the skin is peeled off. The use of dermabrasion for facial holes has lost popularity with the development of laser technologies. It is no longer preferred as it used to be, due to the long recovery time, lack of a controlled procedure and side effects.


Microdermabrasion is a similar treatment to dermabrasion, but microdermabrasion performs a more superficial peeling. Thus, the treated area heals faster. Depending on the intensity of acne scars and facial holes, the treatment may take 4-5 sessions.

Collagen based creams

Collagen-based cream can be a good alternative in the treatment of pits and holes in your skin. These creams are available in pharmacies and beauty salons. With the approval of your doctor, you can continue to use collagen cream until these residues left by acne are removed.

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