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How Do Language Diseases Cause, How Does it Go?

How Do Language Diseases Cause, How Does it Go?

It is an organ composed of muscles with various functions such as language, speech, food, swallowing and taste. Pain in the tongue, swelling, lack of taste, numbness, tingling, elongation, shortening, drying, color change are frequently occurring health problems in the language.

Causes language diseases?

  1. It is the result of pain, injury or infection in the tongue.
  2. Throat is one of the most common causes of pain in language. Most of the time, the cause of the swine is unknown and the condition is called aphthous ulcer. These wounds usually disappear without any treatment.
  3. The less common causes of language pain and language health problems are cancer, anemia, and mouth soreness.
  4. Neuralgia; pains due to nerve damage and may cause language pain. In addition, causes such as aging, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, tumors can lead to neuralgia.
  5. The burning sensation in the tongue is a condition that occurs especially in the period after menopause. Non-irritating substances such as smoking for a long time can also make burning in the tongue.
  6. Diseases such as Down syndrome, tongue cancer, Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, overactive thyroid, leukemia, sore throat and anemia can also lead to various symptoms in the language including swelling.
  7. Sudden swelling of the tongue, as a result of difficulty in breathing can occur due to allergies.
  8. The bright pink color on the tongue may be caused by iron, folic acid or vitamin B12 deficiency. Another reason for this vivid pink color of the tongue is the allergic reaction against gluten.

The most common language diseases

Taste related

Loss of taste in all or part of the tongue. Flavor of sour, salty, bitter or sweet foods.

Difficulty in movement

Difficulty while moving the tongue inside the mouth.

Dimension related

The language size may be shortened for various reasons, it may extend or even swell.

Language related

The color of the tongue may become black, white, pale pink, brown, or patched.

Pain in the tongue

Pain or burning may occur in some or all of the tongue.

Language texture

In the tongue tissue may develop symptoms of pubescence, blistering, etc.

    How do you go through language diseases, to go to the doctor?

    For language diseases, you can go to the Ear Nose Throat Doctor or Internal Medicine doctor. According to the cause of the disease your doctor will apply the necessary treatment.

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