How do the redness after waxing go away? Post-waxing care recommendations

There are all kinds of ways to deal with unwanted hair nowadays. Waxing is one of the effective methods to prevent hair from growing for a long time. After applying this method, which includes hot wax, cold wax and pearl wax, irritation and blistering may occur on the skin. So how do the redness after waxing go? What are the post-wax care recommendations?

Waxing is a variety of sticky substances used to get rid of unwanted hair. The waxing method used to have a smooth skin is obtained from herbal mixtures such as pine resin. It is very successful in removing hair in a short time and not coming out for a long time. When waxing, especially sensitive and white-skinned people face problems such as irritation or swelling of the skin. This redness, which does not go away in a short time, can cause a bad appearance. In this case, there are certain situations that you should pay attention to. If you too “How to remove redness after waxing?” If you are searching, be sure to review our content.

waxing at home


  • First of all, you should pay attention to the period when you will be waxing. A few days before or after menstruation is not an appropriate time for waxing.
  • Pay attention to the density and length of your hair and hair. Too long or too short hair length will cause the procedure to be more painful than necessary.
  • Use oils with soothing properties immediately after waxing.
  • Avoid contact with very hot water and chemical shampoos for the first 24 hours after waxing is finished.

Things to consider when waxing


1 bowl of yoghurt
1 tablespoon of baking soda

After mixing the ingredients in a bowl and applying it to the area you applied wax, as if applying a cream, leave it for 10 minutes. This mask will remove redness and prevent acne that may occur after waxing.


1 tablespoon of baby powder
rose water

Put the baby powder in a bowl. Mix the rose water and lemon on it until it reaches a creamy consistency. Apply a thick layer to the area you waxed.


Thanks to the moisturizing effect of Aloe Vera, it will prevent all redness and acne.


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