How do we understand the manipulator people

Manipulator people have mastered the art of deception. They may look sincere and sincere, but often this is just a game; this is a way to attract you to themselves before they show their true colors.

Manipulator people don’t really care about you, except to use you as a tool. As you guessed, there are several ways to do this. They carry words frequently, try to confuse you, make you feel like crazy. They distort the truth and do not hesitate to lie.

Manipulator people can play the victim. They make you seem to have caused a problem they cannot take responsibility for. They can look nice and sincere to you for a certain period of time and lurk in an ambush to gain your trust. They often use you as defenders. They can also be extremely aggressive. They can resort to personal attacks and criticism to get what they want.

“Controllers, fraudsters and manipulators never look for the error in themselves. They always say that the problem is in someone else.” – Darlene Ouimet


1. They don’t care about others

Manipulator people lack empathy. They believe that their way of dealing with a situation is the only way. Meeting their needs and wishes is everything for them. About them in all situations and relationships; it does not matter what others think, what they feel and what they want from them.


2. They know no boundaries

Manipulator people do not understand the concept of boundary. They just run after their wishes and don’t mind who gets hurt along the way. They are not concerned with your physical, emotional, psychological or mental state. They don’t understand what personal space and identity mean, and they don’t really care about you. They can be compared to parasites. In nature, this is generally an acceptable relationship, but when it comes to human relationships, this causes the other party to be exhausted.


3. They blame others

A manipulator man covers the responsibilities for his own behavior, constantly accusing others. They are aware of their responsibilities but never blame themselves for the bad trend. They can refuse to take responsibility on any matter. Finally, they try to break down the responsibility of fulfilling their own needs, leaving no room for your needs.


4. They exploit emotion

Manipulator people trust our emotional sensitivity and especially our conscience. They know that they have a good chance of making you believe something, because you are sensitive, you feel, you value and of course you want to help. They can appeal to your kindness and kindness at first, often describe and praise you as wonderful people. But over time, these compliments are minimized because they don’t really care about you. The only thing that matters is what you can do for them.


5. Carry the word

If you are looking for an easy way to distinguish manipulators from thoughtful people, pay attention to the way they talk about others in the events they tell you. They talk to you about others, as well as they often talk about you behind you. They are masters in scenarios that encourage competition and jealousy.


6. They just use

Don’t waste your time to explain who you are to people who are determined to get you wrong. If a person cannot catch you, do not wait until he comes. It is not your job to make them understand and like you. Manipulators are not interested in you as a person.


7. Don’t be fooled by your words

Define people according to their behavior, never be fooled by their words. Never forget that what a person says and does is two separate things. Observe someone closely without any excuse; what you usually see is what you will get in the end.


8. Always pay attention

By pretending to be a good person, they can make a good human profile for you, appearing to be trying hard to be a good person. The sincere and sincerity games they made in your first encounter start your relationships with them strongly. If we understand from the beginning that a person is not what he looks like and is hiding behind artificial behavior, then perhaps we will be more careful when dealing with them.


9. Check your values

Review your values ​​and attitudes regularly. We continue to use ourselves as we have not done this enough. As life progresses, our attitudes can change and we need to know how these changing ideas affect us. When we can’t be sure what we believe, our thoughts are very likely to be manipulated. It is very easy to allow the other party to manipulate when you are not sure of yourself.

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