How does sunburn pass? Easy solutions for post-sea burns

Sun burns may occur in some parts of our body due to excessive exposure to the harmful factors of the sun rays during the hot days when we enjoy ourselves in the enthusiasm and energy of the summer months and enjoy the sea, sand and sun trio. We share with you the methods of passing sun burns, which are both painful and painful, in a short time at home.

With the increase of the air temperatures and the summer season, the holiday season opens. Sun burns will be inevitable if you have made a pleasant holiday plan that will enjoy the sea, sand and sun immediately after long and difficult cold weather. Sunburn is skin discomfort caused by the intense exposure of the skin to sunlight in a short time. Ultraviolet rays when exposed to the sun for a long time; skin rashes on the skin and bubbles filled with water for longer damages. Redness, pain, swelling begins 2-4 hours after the sun, reaches a maximum in 24 hours. This is a first-degree burn. When there are blisters filled with water, the burn is now secondary. Crust occurs on third degree burns, sun does not cause third degree burns.


If you have severe sunburn, it means that you have bubbles on your skin. Detonating sunburn blisters can cause this area to become infected. If the bubbles burst spontaneously, this area should be kept clean. In this, it would be appropriate to cover it with a bandage.

Taking a shower with lukewarm water softens burns and helps to relieve flames. Baking soda and lavender essential oils have a heat-reducing effect and soothe inflammation. You can apply aloe vera gel in a thin layer on the burned areas.

You can use echinacea tea to prevent sunburn from getting infected if it burns. Cold black tea can be applied to areas with sunburn.

Sliced ​​cold cucumber will be good if it is moved to areas with sunburn. You can pour ice in a bag and move it around the burnt areas.



Olive oil, which we use in almost all of our dishes, moistens our stretched skin that is exposed to sun rays and just because of this, and prevents our suffering from sunburn. On the other hand, olive oil, which softens our skin, prevents sun burns from settling on our skin and turning into burn marks.


When you notice redness and dryness on your skin as a result of the sun, apply some olive oil to your skin and cover it with a clean cloth or towel. Wait this way for 10-15 minutes.


Yogurt, which is literally a storehouse of vitamins and minerals and also included in many beauty mask recipes, is extremely useful when it comes to the treatment of sunburn, as well as the treatment of other burns. Yogurt, which soothes the skin and provides the skin to relax, also relieves the pain caused by sunburn.


You can stop the sunburn from getting worse by applying a bowl of yogurt, which you thoroughly keep in the fridge, on the sunburn on your skin and rinsing your skin with plenty of water after 5-10 minutes.


Applying olive oil to sunburn helps relieve pain.

One of the definitive solution methods for sunburn pain is to apply lavender oil.

Aloe vera gel provides pain relief when applied to the burned area.

Teabags are used to relieve the pain of burns.

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