How is a pregnancy test done at home? What does a single line mean? Pay attention to these in the pregnancy test!

If you are wondering if you are pregnant but are too excited to dare to run the test, the result may double your joy and excitement! We have listed the methods for you to learn how to do the pregnancy tests that have become known by almost everyone and how to get pregnant in addition to this urine test. How to make black seed paste to get pregnant? How is a pregnancy test done at home? How to take a blood test for pregnancy? When a pregnancy test should be done? Home pregnancy (urine) test application techniques. . .

Whether it is planned or unplanned, your menstrual period is noticeably delayed and if you have encountered some different symptoms in your body, it is quite normal to suspect whether you are pregnant or not! You can come to the right conclusion with pregnancy tests that you can buy from the pharmacy without a prescription to learn clearly whether your excited and stressful expectation is positive or negative. Those who want to have a baby or those who do not feel ready to become a mother can apply a pregnancy test at home to satisfy their curiosity rather than being suspicious. The most ideal product that you can use to determine the state of pregnancy, which can be detected by various methods in today’s technology.: Stick pregnancy tests! If you don’t know when these tests, which are very simple to do, and how they can learn the result, and if you are afraid to ask someone else, this news will be very useful for you. With the pregnancy test that you are sure of its reliability, you can easily find out whether you are a mother or not. So is it necessary to go to the doctor for this? How to make a pregnancy test at home? Are pregnancy tests correct? What are the points to be considered when applying the pregnancy test? Here is the step-by-step application of the pregnancy test. . .

Recipe for honey and cinnamon paste to stay pregnant:



12 wipe teaspoons fresh ground black cumin
10 teaspoons of cinnamon powder
10 tablespoons of pure honey

On the second day of the menstrual period, consume the mixture of these ingredients in the amount of 1 tablespoon. Eat while you are hungry until the 12th day, or 1.5 – 2 hours after eating. As a result of regular and correct use, eggs grow and hormones are regulated. This is effective in increasing the chances of having children.

NOTE: The described mixture will have positive effects in increasing sperm quality and mobility when consumed not only in women but also in men.



If the menstruation is not seen at the end of a month even though it is regular every month, in this case, pregnancy may come to mind first. Sometimes it can be disappointing for couples who want to have a baby to think that women are hopefully even pregnant at the moment. To clarify this situation, we would like to remind you that you should not worry no matter what the result of the pregnancy test you can do at home. After this reminder, we passed you step by step how to use bar pregnancy tests at home. . .

FIRST STEP: Urine into the urine compartment on the pregnancy test stick you bought. However, be sure to pour some urine before pouring urine here.

(Some tests contain plastic urine collection containers. It is easier to urinate and transfer to the stick.)

– If the container is not supplied with the test, you should read the urine sample instructions very well. Because in some pregnancy test instructions, it is stated that you do not urinate the urine compartment for more than 5 seconds or less. In the meantime, you can get help from the stopwatch.

– Be sure to turn the symbols on the bar face up.


SECOND STAGE: When applying the pregnancy test which is a plastic cup; you can use the dropper to drain urine into the test stick. Let the urine flow into the pregnancy test for 5 to 10 seconds. Note that this period may be different for some brands!

THIRD STAGE: Wait for the result for the time written in the instruction of the test. Place the test stick on the flat surface with the result window facing up.

If standard time; It is between 1 and 5 minutes.

FOURTH STAGE: Check the results. Check the meaning of the symbols in the instruction section and find out which signs mean positive.

– If a single red line appears in the screen pane of the test, the pregnancy status is negative. If two red lines appear, you are pregnant. However, if none of these are mentioned, you should reapply with a new test.


If the pregnancy tests performed at home through urine give a negative result, but it is not a mistake in the test, it is caused by the wrong application of the person. But Beta HCG test there is no explanation for the negative results. If the result is negative, there is neither an ectopic pregnancy nor a normal pregnancy. The pseudopregnancy situation that can be seen among the people occurs with the desire for dominant motherhood that women desire.

Even if the test result is negative, the person sees himself as pregnant. In fact, this psychological condition progresses so much over time that in the 9th month, the abdomen can grow as much as during a normal pregnancy period. This rare condition is purely psychological.



It is common to see the opposite of the situation mentioned above, that is, a negative result in the test despite the occurrence of pregnancy. In such cases, re-apply by testing another brand.

Failure to do the pregnancy test at the right time can cause the test to go wrong. Ovulation period of the woman, who has a regular period, takes place on average 14 days after the first day of the period. In this case, the same can not be seen in every woman, and ovulation may occur soon. In this case, the result of the test applied after menstruation will result in not correct.

Another reason why the test goes wrong is that the pregnancy test is not of good quality or the urine cannot detect the hormone during production.


If you have taken a pregnancy test from the pharmacy with great excitement to find out whether you are pregnant or not, it may be confusing to see a faint line. The main reasons why a faint line appeared in the pregnancy test are:

1- Failure to comply with the instructions of the test, 2- To be at a very early stage to perform a pregnancy test, 3- Lines may become faded due to evaporation of urine or 4- chemical pregnancy. The most correct intervention to be done in such a situation would be to re-apply the test.


– The best range to do the pregnancy test is daytime. Pregnancy test performed later in the day may cause a negative result due to excess water in the urine due to drinking too much water.

– Check and apply the expiration date before performing the pregnancy test.

– Fluid intake should not take place 2 hours before applying the pregnancy test.




Apply this test at home, within 14 days without delay, when there is a menstrual delay. . .


You can easily apply the pregnancy test made in accordance with the blood values ​​in the body in the hospital. The result that women who want to learn to get pregnant will look for in this test is the hormone HCG. If this hormone is present in the blood, you are pregnant or not. The blood test for pregnancy shows a clearer result than the home test. The reason is that pregnancy hormone first appears in the blood and then spreads throughout the body. (Tests are done by needle.)


If the test result you applied at home gave you the good news that you are two living things, the first thing to do is to go to the doctor. If your doctor has approved, it is the right time to give your spouse good news! There are many fun and interesting ways to explain your baby, which is the fruit of the love and communication bond between you and your partner. Here are those ways. . .


– By catching your spouse who comes home from work in a suitable moment and giving them a grain of lentils in the moment they never expected, “Our baby is now as tiny as a lentil grain. “ can say! You can share your joy in front of your partner who is surprised at what happened at a time.

– You can choose a special book for father candidates and put it in a beautiful box, as well as add various baby care items.

– Before preparing the table, you can give good news with a little change of presentation! You can surprise your spouse by putting a bottle instead of glasses, a pacifier instead of a fork-spoon, and a food container instead of a plate. . .



The most exciting moment you will expect after receiving the good news is when you learn the sex of your baby. You may want to try ways of predicting gender in old traditional ways, although it is not certain that you do not know exactly how long this wait will take. For this, the most common scissors or knife method comes from the past to the present. 2 pillows or cushions are determined in a place where there is no expectant mother. A knife and a knife are put under these objects, one for each.

Then, when the mother-to-be is called, the gender will be determined wherever she sits. If the pregnant person sits on the cushion / pillow where the scissors are located, the girl will be a boy if it sits where the knife is. This fun gender prediction, which has no science, is sometimes accompanied by gender, sometimes it is wrong.

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