How is breast cancer? What are the symptoms of breast cancer and do they have treatment?

Breast cancer, which is more common in women than in men, is among the cancers that are highly observed today. We searched for those who are curious about breast cancer, where the mortality rate is tried to be reduced compared to the past. So how does breast cancer happen? What are the symptoms of breast cancer and do they have treatment? You can find everything about breast cancer in the details of the news.

A tumor formed by mutating the cells in the breast tissue for various reasons is called breast cancer. The tumor formed first leaps the tissue from which it appeared, and then damages the entire region. Breast cancer, which caused loss of limbs when not treated early, had a rather difficult treatment process years ago. However, with the developing technology and the number of conscious people, it was started to be diagnosed at an early stage. Although it is seen as a woman’s disease, breast cancer is also seen in men at a rate of 1 percent. Breast cancer, whose incidence increases after the age of 40, is a serious disorder triggered by genetic, unhealthy diet and bad habits. It increases the risk of cancer by dispersing into the lymph nodes after the cells in the milk ducts are deformed. Breast cancer, which is easier to treat when diagnosed as a small mass, can also cause serious damage to the body structure of the patient. There are two types of breast cancer. The first is noninvasive and the other is invasive. It does not show noninvasive spread. It immediately prevents positive body deterioration from the treatment process. Invasive, it spreads quickly, blocking the ducts. It can spread to the other breast except the breast it is seen.



Moving mass felt around the breast

Asymmetrical disorder between breasts

Wrinkle on the chest and nipple

Redness and eczema-like sores around the chest

Distortion of the direction of the nipple

Severe chest pain and armpit stiffness

It is manifested by symptoms such as irregular swelling in the shape of the breast.



Cancer, which is noticed early, is very easy to treat. Therefore, not everyone in the family history should make all the checks every six months. Inspection is important in this regard. Also, self-control in conscious people can prevent the spread of cancer. In breast cancer, which is noticed in its first stage, cells are renewed by applying drug therapy. In other stages, the doctor applies different methods. Sometimes the limb is taken as it is so that the tumor does not spread.



When not intervened early, it prepares the ground for serious discomfort, especially to the bones of the hip and spine, as well as to the lungs and liver. That is why experts have made some statements for breast cancer, where almost everyone is at risk. Emphasizing that lifestyle is effective in the formation, proliferation and spread of cancer, Professor of General Surgery. Dr. Rafet Yiğitbaşı made some suggestions to prevent him.

It should be checked whether there is cancer in the family history.

Today, heavy rules in working conditions increase the person’s stress rate. This situation easily invites cancer diseases. Healthier environments away from stress should be chosen.

The most important situation is nutrition. Unhealthy nutrition triggers not only breast cancer, but all other cancers, so experts recommend a high-antioxidant and vitamin-mineral-rich diet.


Regular walking and swimming activates the entire nervous system, reducing the risk of cells deforming.

It is useful to stay away from cosmetics and products containing chemicals.

Increases the rate of cells to mutate caffeine and nicotine. Foods containing these substances should not be consumed.

After 20 years of age, manual control should be done regularly and the person should contact the expert at least once for all controls.

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