How is coronavirus transmitted? What are the symptoms of coronavirus? Unknown about coronavirus

The coronavirus, known under the name Covid 19, has spread all over the world. The virus, which the World Health Organization calls epidemic, has killed thousands of people. We searched for those who are curious about the virus that impairs the functionality of the respiratory tract. So how is coronavirus transmitted? What are the symptoms of coronavirus? Unknown about coronavirus. . .

The suspicion of the Sars virus, which emerged in 2003 and led to the sudden death of many people, affected international flights. Experts that quarantine the planes found that the virus that caused the deaths was another more dangerous virus than Sars. The virus, which started in China and spread to the USA, progressed with symptoms like Sars and pneumonia, has been spreading since December. The suddenly emerging Corona virus mobilized all the states of the world. Corona virus, which causes death, bankrupt the lung. The World Health Organization started detailed studies about the virus that activated. Corona virus, which was detected for the first time in 1960, descends from the nasal cavities to the lung. It causes serious deformation in all the cells here. However, the patient is the first to mild nasal congestion and symptoms of coughing the person does not realize that he / she is infected with corona virus. This leads to the process that allows the virus to progress rapidly through the body. While preparing the ground for respiratory infection like Sars virus, it gradually loses its lung functions. Although it is not yet known how these viruses passed from animals to humans, it was observed that it caused deaths in humans. The virus that is spreading all over the world is said to be mutated now. That’s why its severity differs everywhere. The World Health Organization has announced that this virus has been lightly circumvented. Faculty of Medicine, Member of Medical Microbiology Department. Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir talked about the unknown about coronavirus. Özdemir stated that the coronvirus will mutate. It is transmitted by breathing from animals to people and from person to person. Viruses often mutate in this process. He noted that the coronavirus, seen in the last month of 2019 and influencing the whole world from the 3rd month of 2020, is 80 percent similar to the Sars-Cov virus.



Professor who made an interesting statement about the virus. Dr. Canan Karatay said that the vaccine will be too late for the virus. Karatay, “You cannot vaccinate against the coronavirus epidemic. Health is not open in a cell like a castle gate and we do not get sick. I am saying that we will be fed naturally. Viruses and influenza are new every year. This is not the only way to vaccinate our cells. is to make health “, while making a statement, a listener’s vaccine question “I am not a pediatrician, I am against the flu vaccine. Look, the coronavirus came out. They used this year’s flu excess against the viruses of 2016. They produced 3 crofinia viruses this year. You see, my brother can’t vaccinate against the coronavirus epidemic. Then they said it will come out, then there is no preservative virus.There are 7 types of coronavirus now.No difference from other viruses.They do not leave ash in the barbecue.Virus can be in the living body, animal, plant, live, grow, do not live in a dry place. I’m telling him that we will eat naturally for him. New viruses and flues come out every year. There is no vaccine. The only way to get this is to make our cells strong and health. “ answered in words.



At the same time, Karatay spoke about the ways of virus protection. The famous doctor said that the healthiest aspect of virus protection is to strengthen the immune system. He emphasized that the most natural way to strengthen immunity is through the head. Also Karatay, “Cabbage, radish, celery, garlic, onion, beet are very important. These are all in the soil. Nature is already leading you, eat them in winter. We do not know what viruses we will encounter next year. Flu viruses always change cases “ also used expressions.



Rapidly spreading corona virus, Infection Diseases Specialist about. Dr. Ergin Çiftçi made special statements. Stating that the effects of the virus vary according to age and gender, Çiftçi emphasized that especially smokers are at a greater risk. Specialist “Women seem a bit more fortunate in this regard, but there are different reasons here. We can say that smoking is among them. As a result, my cigarette disrupts lung function, making the body more susceptible to many diseases. But it should not be forgotten, although children Although there is a difference as seniors, men and women, we see that this disease covers both sexes and all ages, the severity of the disease can vary, so there is no situation for women to feel safer, men feel more risky. we should definitely take our protection measures independently of this. This is not something we can trust or feel worse about, but statistics exist for now and these numbers may change over time. “ said.



There is no definitive treatment for the corona virus, which has caused the death, although it has just become widespread. Medipol Mega University Hospital Infection and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Bahadır Ceylan answered the curiosities about the corona virus:

coronavirus THERE IN TURKEY?


It passes from person to person through air and contact. It spreads rapidly especially in bulk areas. But how it is transmitted from animal to human is not yet clear. Since the Corona virus can survive up to one hour after contact with air, it is necessary to stay away from the environments in which it occurs. Therefore, a serious disinfection was made in the quarantine zone at the Chinese airport. However, experts made explanations that it would be more beneficial to cancel the flights unless necessary. It continues by settling in the sinus tracts in the human body. Although it overlaps with Sars virus, it does not cause fever in the first days. From the moment the body notices the corona virus, fever appears.



It starts like a normal flu. However, after 3 days, severe cough continues with chest pain. Since it completes the incubation period, it quickly reduces the body’s resistance. As the day goes on, symptoms such as fever, sweating, dry mouth, cough with phlegm, congestion in the sinus pathways, difficulty breathing. Symptoms increase the severity day by day. Although the immune system produces antibodies, this completely affects the body’s functions. It is seen in pains in bones exposed to excessive fever. Some experts Emphasizes that there is no virus as serious as Sars, but it will lead to death if it is not detected immediately.



The effects of the virus vary depending on the patient’s immune system. Experts are gone for some people without severe symptoms. He states that drug treatment is provided in this. However, especially those with weak immunity Vitamin C and vitamin D deficiency progresses violently in people with. For this, fluid support is provided at the start of treatment. Because the corona virus quickly causes fluid loss in the body. The fever is dropped. At the same time, high doses of painkillers are given in pain. Experts say that rest is very important. It is also stated that it is healthier to stay away from areas where the virus is common.



The coronavirus, which scared the whole world, mobilized scientists. Scientists working day and night to develop a private vaccine have made statements about the vaccine. It was said that the vaccine of the coronavirus, whose number of deaths increased to 213, will be completed within 20 months. It was announced that the number of infected people was 9 thousand 809 people. In addition, Turkish scientists are making statements about the importance of viruses. Professor Dr. Oğuz Karabay said there are simple ways to protect against viruses. He emphasized that onion and garlic, which has not been missing from Anatolian cuisine for centuries, as well as the colony we offer when a guest comes, is an effective way to prevent viruses. In addition, Karabay said the news that viruses are fatal are wrong. The famous doctor explained that the only reason it was fatal was for people with weakened immunity and not sufficiently cleaned.

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