How is Genital Area Cleaning Done?

How is Genital Area Cleaning Done? It is very important to keep the genital area clean. Otherwise, you will face unpleasant, difficult problems such as burning, itching, bad odor. Incorrectly used products and cleaning methods cause the balance of the environment here to deteriorate and also reduce benign bacteria that are responsible for protecting from all kinds of diseases, making it vulnerable to various infections. .. Anatomically located asymmetrical situations or sagging make cleaning and maintenance difficult. In this respect, it is necessary to know the genital area well and to give importance to care.

Genital Area Cleaning and Care

You should not use any random product or shower gel in this area for cleaning. It is even helpful to regularly wash with water in the shower every day. In fact, after every toilet cleansing of the genital areaIt forms the basis of. In the right way to bid on; It should always be done from front to back so that it will leave residue inside the vagina and prevent bacteria from forming.

It should then be dried with toilet paper so that it remains moist and is not a settlement and breeding place for various fungi and infections. If you avoid doing this, you can also do your cleaning with the handkerchiefs specially produced for the genital area that you carry with you.

In addition, shower gels or soaps that adjust the PH (acid-base balance) degree, which are specially produced for intima cleaning, are the products that every lady should have with them during shower.

How to Clean the Genital Area

In particular, taking it is enough to eliminate the odor and bacteria created by menstrual bleeding. It is necessary to clean with plenty of water after sexual intercourse or the use of condoms in order to keep the genital area moist. Genital shade cleaning If it is not done well, it may cause fungus and the disturbing odor it produces can be noticed by everyone.

Regularly changing your underwear every day and boiling these clothes in the machine and washing them with bleach will kill the germs or bacteria, which is likely to be left in your laundry. Having colored clothes can keep you away from the purification job in this way. It will do the same to wash the colors that will not mix together, only with detergent at high temperature and then iron the net part of your laundry. Using cotton laundry is also very important in terms of protection from moisture. It absorbs the sweat and keeps you dry

Synthetic lace clothes that look good on the eyes are only visual. They cause fungus due to the moisture formed by blocking the air circulation, thus trapping it in the genital area. In addition, tight and airtight trousers that stay on you for 14-15 hours a day cause sweating and airlessness and prepare the ground for bacteria and microbe growth, as in synthetic underwear. Long stay in wet swimsuit is also dangerous for both the genital area and the urinary tract. Mushrooms can grow easily in wet places, and they can cause pain when cold.

Cleaning the Genital Area

Pads that are used daily can keep your laundry dry by changing them frequently. If they are changed frequently, these pads can retain some liquid and moisture in their own body, and when used for a long time, it gives the feeling of living with a wet sponge. It can be extremely harmful in terms of health, and also causes discomfort to the person carrying it. During the menstrual period, the situation gets a little worse. The use of tampons and pads requires separate attention. Anyway, the blood that can not be absorbed anymore due to the fact that it is not changed at these times can leak out and contaminate your clothes after a while. More importantly, moisture and bacteria can cause serious diseases. Especially since tampons are in the vagina, they can cause bacterial infections. Bad odor caused by moisture and blood can increase more.

Another cause of urinary tract infections that women often get poor cleaning of the genital areadir. In such cases, escaping urine becomes a problem of cleaning and causes new advanced infections by pushing you into a vicious circle. Because the constant moisture and bacteria intake continues. The necessary medications should be started without losing time by going to the doctor. In addition, when the need to urinate, one should definitely go to the toilet. Trying to keep it may cause incontinence as well as problems in the genital area.

The cleanliness of the toilets where you sit must be hygienic. If you come into contact with liquids that may have come from someone else’s urine or genital area on the toilet and this person has a disease, it can be passed on to you. Pools or bathtubs that are not properly cleaned and disinfected may cause the same problems. If you have to enter the toilet outside your home, it is recommended that you flush the toilet and lay toilet paper on your seat.

Cleansing the genital area from hair and hair is important in terms of odor and moisture. For those who can resist the pain of wax, long-term cleaning is provided, and it can cause sagging lips in the future. Suitable women’s razors are perfect for this job. Other razors can cause cuts, which invites bacteria. Razors must be personal and disposable. Very long hairs can be shortened with a pair of scissors.

Regular gynecological exam genital area health It is important in terms of. When necessary, by using various medicines or medical bathroom cleaners that the doctor can give, it prevents the conditions that will cure the diseases and progress. You can prevent diseases that can lead to infertility by not hesitating to go to the doctor. The shape changes in the inner lips that prevent cleaning are eliminated by various aesthetic operations and prevents you from getting diseases.

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