How is Prosthetic Nail Care Performed?

Prosthetic nail care is very important. These processes are called renewal or filling. Since the growth rate of nails varies from person to person, the frequency of prosthetic nail care varies accordingly. Due to this, the frequency of maintenance should be adjusted in the most accurate way. When done at the right time, you can use prosthetic nails for a long time. Since the nails will grow due to their natural processes, a certain gap will occur in the areas close to the bottoms of the nails. Since the height of the prosthetic nails will be different from the natural nails, it is necessary to fill these nails with certain intervals, taking into account the nail growth time.

Prosthetic nail care is done by taking the top layers with the help of an electric file. The polish on the top is cleaned in the best way and does not touch your natural nails with the help of an electric file without damaging the structure of the natural nails. In the remaining editing operations, it should be processed with the help of a normal file. It is important to free nails from dust. To bring the top of the nails to a smooth shape, they should be filed again with a suitable quality file. Then, the gaps in the nails should be filled with a special material. The nail is dipped in acrylic powder and then a special gel is applied. After UV nail polish, it should be kept in UV light.

Prosthetic Nail CARE, How is it done and How is it removed?

With the developing technology and people’s wishes, many methods are being developed in order to make maintenance and become beautiful every day. Some applications are made in order to add beauty to people’s beauty, as well as care and beauty. Prosthetic nail application is a frequently preferred method in these applications. Many celebrities use this application, which is spreading rapidly in the world and in our country, aesthetically. Prosthetic nail application should be done by trained and knowledgeable people. The application preferred by people who have difficulty in shaping their nails and whose nails do not grow quickly should be done on your own nails. This application, which will be done after the protective substances applied on the real nails, definitely does not harm people’s nails. There is no time limit for removing this later added nail. With regular and careful maintenance, prosthetic nails can be used for six months.


Who Can Have Prosthetic Nail Application?

Prosthetic nail application is more useful, more aesthetic and healthier than fake nail models. A research has been conducted on people who have had prosthetic nail applications and the main common features of those who have had them have been collected. Among these features;

People who have a nail-biting habit and do not allow the nails to grow, first prefer prosthetic nail application. People who use their nails a lot due to their work, television and stage artists who frequently change nail polish often prefer the application of prosthetic nails. This application is also ideal for people with sensitive nails and constantly experiencing problems such as cracking, roughness and breakage. People who cannot spare time for manicure with short intervals, people with yellowing of their nails due to the use of wrong nail polishes, women who want to be well-groomed, people who cannot reach their desired length and have problems in shaping prefer prosthetic nail application. Prosthetic nail application is frequently applied by people who have problems with their nails, people who want to look well-groomed and people who have problems. Even if the prosthetic nail application is made for many reasons, people with skin problems such as fungus on their hands and nails should not apply. When the diseases in the hands and nails are completely eliminated, it will be quite appropriate to have a prosthetic nail application. For this, it will be more appropriate for the places that make this application to decide and guide you.

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