How is skin care done before the feast? Practical skin care tips

Caring for the skin and hair should become routine. The care that you will apply to your skin and hair regularly and consciously provides you with the desired appearance in a short time. We are sharing with you the care suggestions that will make your skin and hair gleaming in these days when the holiday is approaching. You can find practical skin care tips that you should definitely try in our article.

You do not need professional care to prepare your skin for holidays. You can look amazing thanks to the care you will do in a short time at home. Undoubtedly, skin beauty is one of the most attentive derivatives among women. Skin care, usually used with creams that provide smoothness after showering, is very important for a woman to see herself beautiful and attentive. For those who want to enter the holiday with a clean and lively skin, we researched how to do skin care before the holiday.



If you want your hair to look more vibrant and voluminous before the feast, you shouldn’t neglect hair care. To make your hair look more voluminous and well-groomed, mix an avocado with yogurt and honey and apply it to your hair. After waiting 25 minutes, wash your hair.



To soothe and clean your skin deeply; Apply mud or clay mask to the oily parts on your face and moisturizing masks to dry parts. Apply aloe vera based mask under your eye area and rest it.


To remove your skin from dead skin, apply a moisturizing effective peeling with a brush by massaging your entire body. In this way, blood circulation in your skin will be accelerated and dead skin will exfoliate.



The last step of skin care before the feast is nail cleaning. First, cut your nails as you want and then file them. Clean them well and massage your nails with manicure oil. You can then apply a nail polish of the desired color to your nails.

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