How is sumac water made? What is sumac tea good for? Benefits of sumac plant …

Sumac water, which has been used for centuries, is one of the natural remedies recommended especially against coronavirus. Sumac, one of the indispensable flavors of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolian cuisines, has a sour taste. Its seeds are used as a spice. In addition to adding flavor to meals, it is also consumed as tea on its own. So how is Sumac water made? The benefits of the sumac plant in the detail of the news:

Sumac fruit, which takes its place among weeds, is collected and used as a spice after being dried and powdered. There are 150 species of this herb, which grows in almost every soil. Only two varieties are non-poisonous. The sour-tasting sumac is used as an alternative when lemon is not available. Studies have shown that, like lemon, sumac also has antioxidant properties. At the same time, experts emphasize that upper respiratory tract diseases can be treated with sumac juice without using medication. When consumed regularly, it eliminates the effects of bacteria and viruses entering the body. Eastern Anatolia of Turkey, especially sumac, which is indispensable kitchen, as well as dishes such as stuffed dry naturally is the most powerful drug used in oral use. Sumac collected as seeds is used by pounding in a mortar with salt. It is made with foods that cause heavy odor, such as onions, to reduce the effects of their odors. In scientific literature sumac or rhus coriaria known as. Sumac, which has the appearance of a bush, grows green. Sumac that matures in the sun turns red. Sumac, which belongs to the pistachio family, besides its sour taste, adds color to the dishes or dishes it is used in.


Gargling is ideal for those who have constant gum problems and bad breath. It also supports the work of the salivary glands. It prevents infection in the mouth. It also prevents scar formation. Add a tablespoon of sumac to 100 milliliters of water. Boil it and after it gets warm after taking it from the heat, you can gargle twice a day in the morning and evening.

sumac tea cleans viruses and bacteria


Tea obtained from sumac, which has a strong antiseptic property, quickly removes infections and bacteria from the body. To make sumac tea, which shows its benefits when consumed regularly for two weeks; Put one and a half glass of water in a pot and add a teaspoon of sumac to boil. After 5-6 minutes, take it from the stove and wait for it to be warm. Consume it after it is warm. However, one glass a day is enough.

sumac cleans the stomach and intestines but also damages when consumed in excess


It balances the insulin rate in the blood. Thanks to this feature, it is among the foods that diabetes and high blood pressure patients should consume. However, one should not overdo it. Otherwise, this useful food can cause an increase in blood pressure. It is useful for high blood pressure patients to consult an expert about how much they should consume.

Thanks to its antioxidant effect, it protects brain health by reducing high fever that occurs suddenly in upper respiratory tract diseases.

sumac juice

One glass of sumac water per week helps to increase healthy cells by reducing the number of deformed cells in the nervous system. It also reduces the risk of experiencing ailments such as fatigue, stress and depression.

It will be useful to boil the sumac spice and drink a glass during food poisoning. It cleans both your stomach and intestines, removing harmful bacteria from the body that cause poisoning with urine and feces.


You can use sumac juice for weight loss as it regulates digestion. At the same time, the sumac water you consume in half a tea glass during the day prevents indigestion and bloating.

It is also useful to drink sumac water once a month for your child who has an anorexia problem. It both increases the body resistance of your child and helps him to eat healthier by increasing his appetite.



Sumac is one of the natural treatment methods that are used to heal the tangles that usually occur under the nails. Boil it thoroughly by adding vinegar and honey into boiling sumac water. After keeping this mixture for a day, apply it on the wrapping.

Thanks to its cell-regenerating feature, it also benefits the skin and hair. You can use boiled sumac water as a tonic. This water, which you use regularly in the morning and evening, both prevents acne and acne formation and delays aging.


When consumed excessively, the balance of stomach acid may be disturbed. Therefore, a maximum of one glass should be consumed per day. May cause burns during toilet need. It is not suitable for those suffering from blood pressure, since it has an extremely sour texture. At the same time, since there are also poisonous species, attention should be paid to where they are taken.

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