How is the baby good news given? The best way to explain pregnancy to spouse

Especially for the first time, couples who will be mothers and fathers will receive the good news of a baby that will make this special moment memorable. Are you ready to inform your spouse that he will be a father in the most entertaining ways? Give this good news to your spouse who will be shocked by the news of the baby! Here are the ways to give the good news that will make your spouse happy …

The baby, which is the strongest indicator of the bond of love and communication between you and your spouse, makes people who will become parents for the first time experience feelings that are impossible to describe. Pregnancy, which is a situation you cannot understand before it happens to you, brings many differences in both emotional and physical terms. If the baby situation you have been dreaming of with your partner for a long time has resulted in a pregnancy test you suspiciously performed at home, it is still best to hear from your doctor that you are pregnant to be sure. It is normal to experience an indescribable feeling when you receive the news that you are two living things, and it may not be easy to get used to this situation. But now you are the expectant mother carrying an innocent and immaculate baby in her womb! After your shock is over, it’s time to surprise your spouse … If you are unsure about how to give the good news of a baby to your spouse, here are fun ways to tell your spouse that a new member will join the family …

The most interesting ways to explain pregnancy

Disclosure of pregnancy to spouse


In the first weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s condition is like a tiny lentil grain. Starting from here, you can announce your baby in a different but meaningful way. By placing a small lentil in the palm of your spouse when he / she is unexpected “Our baby is tiny like this now!” you can watch him astonish.



Although it may seem a little ordinary, you can give baby good news during a dinner that you have prepared with your own efforts. Before your partner arrives, you can open the camera recording to see where he will be sitting and explain that you are pregnant. In this way, the reaction of your spouse will remain a good memory for you and your child in the future.



As soon as you find out you are pregnant, prepare for a mini shopping. Since the gender is not known yet, you can buy one for boys and girls and prepare a cute box. When your spouse comes home in the evening ‘I bought you a present’ When you give the box and open it, you can give the “baby will come” good news.

Baby songs


In “baby” Make a list of songs with the word. When you are both at home, suddenly press the play button and increase the volume. Your spouse may have even received the most interesting baby news in his life.



If you want to announce the good news of you will be a mother to the world in one sentence, the best method would be to invite your loved ones to your home and arrange a nice organization. Another way to announce that you will be pregnant is to warn your family friends and to speak with you when your spouse comes. “You will be a father” cries. We are sure you will not be able to forget this moment …

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