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How is the Dukan diet done? Step-by-step methods of the Dukan diet!

How is the Dukan diet done? Step-by-step methods of the Dukan diet!

Dukan diet, which promises to lose weight permanently in a short time, is under investigation. How is the Dukan diet divided into four stages as phase of attack, navigation, protection and empowerment? Carbohydrate and fat consumption reduced, protein consumption by raising the step-by-step methods of Dukan diet!

Dukan diet developed by Dukan Pierre; Nowadays, healthy, fast and permanent way to lose weight is often one of the most slimming types applied by people who want to lose weight. The Dukan diet, which is quite popular in recent years, promises to lose weight in a comfortable way by minimizing the difficulty of dieting without experiencing a feeling of hunger for those who practice this method. Dukan diet, on the other hand; The phase of attack is carried out in four stages as the phase of the journey, the phase of protection and the phase of empowerment. So how is the Dukan diet, where carbohydrate and fat levels are reduced and protein consumption is weighted? Step-by-step methods of Dukan diet, which is placed on popular diet lists with intensive application by millions of people and which gives very effective results if applied …



The Atak Phase is the first method in which Dukan diet is started. Healthy, fast and permanent weight loss for those who want to apply for 1 week during the Atak stage you need to determine the target of consuming high-protein meals. However, when preparing high-protein dishes, you must absolutely avoid the consumption of vegetable and animal fats. On the other hand, you should never use salt in meals at the Atak stage of the Dukan diet.

According to him, if you have a weight loss goal, you can apply the attack stage for 1 or 10 days. If your weight loss target is less than 5 kilograms, you should perform an attack stage for at least 1 day, 5 kilos for 3 days, for 5-10 days for 5 days and 10-20 for 10 days. With the rapid elimination of the water in the body, the metabolism is accelerated and the metabolism is accelerated.

Foods Consumed During Attack

Beef, beef

White meat chicken, turkey meat (skinless)

Beef cattle

You can consume all the fresh fish except the fish that are kept in cans.

1.5 spoon oat bran

Sea creatures

Eggs (2 in 1 day)

The sheep is forbidden strictly prohibited.

Milk and dairy products

Sauces, vodka, mustard, spices, herbs, soy sauce (a small amount) garlic lemon juice ketchup without sugar (small amounts of fructose-free sweeteners can be used.


Some vegetables are added to your nutrition list when the cruise is reached. Vegetables added to the cruise stage; beetroot, broccoli, artichoke, asparagus, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and eggplant. The cruising stage is aimed at reaching a person’s weight when he / she wants to lose weight. The length of the cruise stage varies depending on how much weight the person wants to lose. For example, it is recommended to give 6 days for every 1 kilo. So if you want to give up to 10 pounds, the cruise stage of the Dukan diet will take you exactly 2 months. At this time, brisk walking at least 30 minutes a day is required at this stage.

In the first stage, two consecutive diets are made after the protein diet. During the course of one week per kilogram, 32 types of vegetables are added to the 100-point food list. In the course of two different alternating days, the person who wants to lose weight consumes the foods during the attack stage for 1 day. The next day, in addition to the attack phase consumes the added food. For example; The first 5 days of a pure protein diet, 5 days of protein and vegetable mix diet can be made. As the targeted weight decreases, the vegetables in your diet increase.

Consumable Foods

– Celery 

– Tomatoes 

– Mushrooms 

– Green beans 

– Onions, leeks, garlic 

– Pumpkin 

– Turnip 

– 1 serving of carrots

– 2 tablespoons oat bran per day (mandatory)

– Spinach, lettuce, other green leafy vegetables 

– Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts 

– Bell pepper 

– Asparagus 

– Artichoke 

– Eggplant 

– Cucumber

No other vegetables or fruits are allowed. No oil other than 1 teaspoon oil is added to the salad or food pan.


After the weight is given and the ideal weight is reached, the third method, the strengthening phase, is started. People who want to weaken during the strengthening phase can consume protein and vegetables with oat bran and water every day as they do during the attack and cruise stages. At the same time, some foods that are banned during the strengthening phase can be consumed. The following foods can be consumed in addition to the foods listed in the list of attacks and stages.

Foods Consumed During Strengthening

-Et (lamb meat 1-2 times a week) 

– Celebration meal (2 times a week, celebration meal. Appetizer, main course, dessert) 

– Protein Day (foods consisting of protein only 1 day a week) 

– Oat bran (2.5 times a day ) spoon, mandatory)

– One serving of fruit  

per day – Bread (2 slices of whole-wheat bread 

per day ) – Cheese (one portion of cheese per day) 

– Starch (1-2 servings of starch per week, 225 grams of pasta or other wheats, corn, beans, legumes, rice or potatoes)


The first stage of the attack phase of your body after making your body ready for the dukan diet in the second stage of your target weight in order to weaken the target, the third stage of strengthening the weight of your body in the recovery phase to prevent the recovery of our body and the fourth phase of the phase of the first three stages of the change of the healthy eating habits during your life is intended to stay. The main purpose of the conservation phase is to prevent weight gain and to stabilize your weight after the dukan diet. During the protection phase, it is recommended to have a strengthening phase of 5 days for each 1 kilogram. For example, if a total of 12 kilos were given, the strengthening phase should last 60 days.

Protection phase rules

1. You can eat oat bran up to 3 tablespoons a day.

2. You should walk for at least 20 minutes every day.

3. You should consume only the protein 1 day of the week as in the diet program.


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