How is the Menstrual Day Calculated? Menstrual Date Calculation

Menstrual (menstrual) periods These are the periods when various formations develop for women that both create psychological fluctuations and enable them to become mothers. These are special days that start between the ages of 11 and 12 when girls enter puberty and end at the age of 50 for women. This age range may vary depending on genetics.

Menstrual bleeding; It occurs because the body waits for a certain period of time by providing the necessary environment for the baby to develop inside each month thanks to the work of various hormones, and when the baby is not, unnecessary formations are thrown out. During this whole process, the egg is produced, the uterus thickens, and estrogen and progesterone hormones are secreted. All mood changes, swelling of the body by blistering, irritability, fatigue, fatigue, excessive appetite and consumption of sweets, painful breast growth, headache, nausea, fever, joint pain, reluctance, and hormones are the ones that govern the regularity of sleep.

How is the Menstrual Day Calculated?

In general, menstrual periods are considered as 28 days. It is normal for the number of days, which varies from person to person, to be between 21 and 35 days. This includes days with bleeding. In the middle of the 28-day period, that is, on the 14th day, it completes the ovulation formation and begins to progress in the ovarian canal. In order to find this day, calculations should be made by considering the day of bleeding as the 1st day. Depending on the structure, it may be 1-2 days before or after or the day of ovulation.

Women who want to get pregnant nowadays take steps to have a baby by having sexual intercourse. Having intercourse one day and waiting for one day is important in terms of both the number of sperm and the combination of sperm and egg. Those who do not want to become pregnant between the fourteenth and twenty second days must be protected during sexual intercourse. If there is no baby formation on the 28th day, thickened uterine parts and eggs are thrown out by bleeding.

Calculation of menstrual days; It is important for us to know whether you have a regular period or not. Stress, climate change, and some medications can make your period irregular for a few months. This is a normal situation. Recurrent menstrual irregularities may indicate some of the gynecological diseases and also hormone irregularities, and a doctor should be consulted.

Accordingly, the continuity of your sexual life allows you to have an idea about whether you will be pregnant or not before going on vacation. While a calendar is sufficient to calculate the menstrual days, it allows you to be warned a few days before the menstrual day on sites on the internet or applications you download to your phone. Those who use birth control pills; Thanks to the days on the pill box, they are beneficial in terms of not skipping the day of the pill they drink and knowing the day of their period.

On the menstrual days, staying hot or cold, consuming plenty of fluids, avoiding caffeine, and resting occasionally make you feel better. It is quite normal to feel tired while trying to systematically replace the blood that is leaving the body and experiencing hormonal changes. Taking vitamin B12 and iron supplements or eating foods containing them will help your body. It is important for the health of the genital area to change the pads and tampons you use frequently. In order to stay away from odor and excessive moisture, it will be sufficient to wash the area with warm water and dry it in the evening.

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