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How Many Calories And Weight Should Ayva Take? Quince Calorie Ruler

How Many Calories And Weight Should Ayva Take? Quince Calorie Ruler

Quince A, C, B12 vitamins such as calcium, pyridoxine, magnesium, iron, such as minerals is a useful fruit. The health benefits of the quince are not counted; Prevents cancer, relieves stomach discomfort, strengthens immunity, and helps weaken.

The calorie’s weight is low

100 gram quince is only 56 calories. Considering that the daily calorie requirement is between 2000-2200 for women in the 1800-2000 men, we can see that the queen’s calories are very low. For weight loss, the target should be low calorie foods with high nutritional value.

Quince is the ideal food for this.

Quince Calorie Ruler

  1. 1 kilo quince is 390 calories.
  2. 1 large size quince average 350 gr. and 137 calories.
  3. 1 small quince average 200 gr. and 78 calories.
  4. 1 medium medium quince has an average of 250 gr and 98 calories.
  5. 1 quince is an average of 75 g and 29 calories.

The glycemic index of the quince is low

Glycemic index foods and beverages are called the rate of raising blood sugar. Glyceal foods in the daily diet to keep food with a low glycemic index, keeps the blood sugar in a certain balance, preventing sugar fluctuation and fights with sweet crises. The glycemic index of pulp fruits such as quince, apple, pear and orange is low. The glycemic index of the quince fruit is 35. Professor Dr. Metin Özata says that the low glycemic index is effective in lowering the blood glucose levels due to lower nutrients.


Quince contains a significant amount of fiber. Wikipedia reports 100 grams of fiber per month. The duty of fiber foods is to solidify the stool in case of diarrhea and to soften in the constipation. Daily fiber requirement is 38% for men and 25 grams for women. Quince has an important role in the weakening of the fiber-rich structure. The fibrous structure of the quince requires more chewing when consumed, thereby increasing the release of the turquoise in the body, and triggering the secretion of the hormone called cholecystokinin as saliva secretion increases. Experts, the appetite of the fiber food suppresses, excessive intake of nutrients are reported.

Quince weakens

Expert dietitian Şebnem Kandıralı gives us the following information about the benefits of queen weight loss; Quince helps to lose weight with high fiber ingress. 100 grams of fresh quince is only 57 calories. Diuretic diuretic properties of the body due to the diuretic properties of the natural way to get rid of.

Helps diet
Quince contains vitamins A, C and B (folate) and various minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, potassium, selenium, zinc and magnesium. Vitamins and minerals are filled with immunity to strengthen your immune system prevents you get sick and provide a healthy diet.


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