How many calories are 1 portion of 1 slice of Kadayif and Burma?

Kadayıf is one of the traditional desserts of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine. The dough prepared with a mixture of water and flour is turned into wire. The delicious dessert obtained is called tel kadayif. Kadayif is common in our country, Middle Eastern countries and the Balkans.

The consistency of the shredded wheat is usually half cooked and soft . It is filled with ingredients such as walnut or peanut between the layers of kadayıf and put into the oven. The syrup (sugar syrup) is poured on it and served. Kunefe is also made of kadayif.

How Many Calories Is Kadayif?

Dietician Büşra Çayır reports that 1 portion, ie 1 piece (1 slice) of kadayif dessert, is 475 calories. And it provides the following information; 1 slice of kadayif dessert contains 475 calories. This calorie contains the same calories as 4 slices of bread + 5 teaspoons of oil. In order to burn this calorie we get when we eat 1 slice of wire kadayif, you can walk for 2 hours and 13 minutes, run for 60 minutes, and do pilates for 2 and a half hours.

1 slice of Burma kadayif is 475 calories.

Does Kadayif Make Weight?

With its high sugar and carbohydrate content, kadayif is unfortunately one of the weight-gaining foods. Therefore, it is not recommended to be eaten in diet. If you suffer a lot, it can eat a quarter of a slice. You can burn the calories you get from kadayif by doing the sports mentioned above.

How to Make Kadayif at Home?


  1. Half a kilo of fresh shredded wheat
  2. 150 gr walnut
  3. 250 gr butter

For Sherbet

  1. 4 cups of granulated sugar
  2. 5 cups water
  3. 1 2 drops lemon juice

First of all, let’s start by preparing the sherbet: Add the sugars and water in a pot and boil it. After 10 minutes, let’s add lemon juice. Let it boil for 5 more minutes and let it cool.

Let’s take the butter in a pan and melt it, but be careful so it doesn’t burn. Let’s cut the wire strands by pouring it over the kadayifs and pinching it well. Let’s spread the half on a tray and press it. Then let’s sprinkle the walnuts , spread the remaining part of the kadayif on it and apply pressure again. Let’s put it in the 180 degree oven and bake until the bottom and top is browned. When it comes out of the oven, let’s wait for 5 minutes and sherbet.

What Are The Tips For Making Tel Kadayıf?

  1. It is recommended to buy tel kadayif from the pastry shop, not from the market. Because the kadayifs bought from the markets are thick and hard.
  2. While preparing the shredded wheat, first the sherbet is made and cooled. If you pour the sherbet hot on your dessert, your dessert will turn into dough.
  3. If you add a slice of lemon to your sherbet, your sherbet will not cut and your dessert will be light.
  4. Another trick for making kadayif is to use fresh walnuts. Too much material is not used while making kadayif. But – if so, it should be short but concise. If stale walnuts are used, the taste of the dessert is lost and the beautiful kadayifs become bitter.
  5. Kadayif and Pistachio go well together. However, those who wish can also serve it with cream or ice cream or pour chocolate sauce.

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