How Many Calories Are in a Bottle of Beer, 50 cl Beer, Tuborg Gold?

Beer is a type of alcoholic beverage that is usually made from barley and is quite high in calories. Beer is both very high in calories and has many harms for the body. One of the most popular harms of beer is that it causes fat in the belly area and leads to “Beer belly”.

How Many Calories in Beer?

Dietitian Betül Yücel reports that a bottle of 50 cl beer is 210 calories.

Dietitian Gözde Ağca It reports that 1 glass of 33 cl beer is 140 calories.

Dietitian Orhan Ozdengiz It reports that 1 glass of beer has 210 calories.

How Many Calories in Efes Beer?

  1. 1 Bottle 50CL Efes Pilsen: 210 Calories
  2. 1 Box of 33CL Efes Pilsen: 140 Calories
  3. 1 Box of 50CL Efes Pilsen: 210 Calories
  4. How Many Calories in 1 Box of Efes Extra: 225 Calories
  5. Calories in 1 Box of Efes Malt: 215 Calories
  6. 1 Box of Efes ExtraShot: 155 Calories
  7. 1 Box of Efes Light: 90 Calories
  8. 1 Box of Efes Dark: 183 Calories
  9. 1 Box of Efes Ice: 126 Calories

How Many Calories in Tuborg Gold?

1 Piece (50cl) Tuborg Gold Beer is 215 calories.

What Are the Health Hazards and Negative Effects of Beer on Weight Gain?

It is stated in the book of Tam İlmihâl Seâdet-i Ebediyye: (Beer, because it produces gas, makes foam, and tastes bitter and sharp, so little or most of it, Whatever it is used for, it is haram according to Imam-i Muhammad. Fatwa is like that. The journal (Der Stern), published in Germany, states in its first month of 1979: (Research conducted by the Heidelberg Cancer Inspection Center revealed that beer causes cancer. It has been observed that (Nitros-amine) known to cause cancer are found in large amounts in beer. Beer, This drug was removed from the market six months ago by the order of the Ministry of Health, since it was understood that there was an excess of Nitrose-amine in Pyramidone, which is used as a pain reliever. is taking amen.)

  1. Beer is one of the highest calorie beverages. For this reason, beer drinkers often have problems gaining weight. Even the term beer belly is famous. Beer causes belly fat. Beer causes lubrication in the belly area, which is very difficult to get rid of.
  2. The high sugar content of beer leads to weight gain. In other words, the sugar content is behind the high calories of beer. The biggest reputation of sugar is that it causes weight gain, and sugar, which is at least as dangerous as fat for body health, causes many more diseases in the body.
  3. Beer consumption adversely affects the level of sugar in the blood, causing sudden hunger crises. In this case, the person eats too much food at once and this is one of the biggest reasons for weight gain.
  4. The calorie content of all alcoholic beverages is very high. Therefore, consuming beer both disrupts the healthy metabolism in the body, and therefore, the person begins to gain weight as the consumed foods will be digested less. It is also worth emphasizing that appetizers, nuts and desserts consumed alongside alcoholic beverages such as beer cause weight gain due to the high calories they contain. For this reason, beer is one of the beverages to be avoided.
  5. Beer consumption increases lubrication in the body as it leads to oil production. This is not good for liver health at all. Beer also makes liver fat. Enzymes in the liver have a tendency to secrete fat. That’s why consuming alcohol always prevents the liver from working well and causes the person to gain weight because it causes the liver to become fat.
  6. Most beers sold usually contain malted barley. This barley contains gluten protein. Today, many people have gluten sensitivity, and their consumption of gluten-containing foods can cause various problems, including stomach bloating and stomach pain.
  7. Alcohol entering the body as a result of beer consumption is converted to acetate by the liver. This acetate is then burned by the body to produce energy. At the end of this process, as the fat produced in the body is stored in the belly and hip regions, it inevitably causes the person to gain weight.
  8. Consuming alcoholic beverages primarily damages the liver. When beer is consumed, an unavoidable fatty liver begins, which negatively affects liver enzymes and invites cirrhosis in the future.
  9. Drinking beer can raise blood pressure, that is, blood pressure, causing high blood pressure.
  10. The tars in beer, which are very harmful to health, cause the production of cancerous cells in the body. Scientific studies on this subject have shown that the risk of colon cancer is higher in people who consume more beer.
  11. Since beer is a natural diuretic, it causes too much water to be excreted from the body, leading to dehydration.
  12. The alcohol in beer is widely known to be addictive. Especially when this situation becomes a habit (involuntarily), many organs in the body are irreversibly damaged. In this case, the first organ to be damaged is the brain, and as a result, people who consume alcohol begin to experience mental imbalances. For example, people who are addicted to alcohol become more selfish and less sensitive to their environment.
  13. Another harm of beer is that it causes burning in the stomach. The reason for this burning is the acids in the beer, and this causes gastroesophageal reflux disease as it adversely affects the acid balance in the stomach. Moreover, some stimulant compounds in the beer also cause heartburn.
  14. Beer consumption eliminates beneficial compounds such as vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, carbohydrates, protein and fats, which are found in healthy amounts in the body. This affects the entire balance of the body and impairs its health.
  15. One of the biggest harms of beer is brain damage. Since it causes damage to the brain, it slows down the brain’s ability to interpret and think, and in this case, the person becomes unable to perform healthy mental tasks such as memory, comprehension and decision making.

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