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How Many Calories Burned As You Sleep, How Many Calories You Sleep 1 Hour?

How Many Calories Burned As You Sleep, How Many Calories You Sleep 1 Hour?

While we are sleeping, our body may not seem to do anything, but with the fulfillment of vital functions such as breathing, the functioning of the organs and the operation of the brain, a little calories are burned. Even though it is not surprising to burn calories while sleeping, it is surprising that our body consumes calories as much as calories burned while watching TV.

The amount of calories we burn depends on weight and metabolic rate. As the weight increases, the amount of calorie burning increases. Experts reported that 72 kilos of someone who sleeps 69, 8 hours and 552 calories per day burns. As the amount of calories burned varies according to weight, one person weighing 54 kilos would sleep 518 calories per hour, 408 calories per hour, and 90 kilos would burn 86 calories per hour and 688 calories per hour.

Sleep, walk, run, swim, etc .. other than the vital activities burns a relatively low amount of calories. For example, 72 kilos per person while sleeping 69 calories per hour while, 1 hour of slow tempo walking the same person per hour 183 calories, running very fast burns 986 calories.

You need to burn more than the calories you need daily to lose weight. After calculating your daily calorie needs, you need to burn more calories than you need. Let’s say you need 2000 calories per day and 2000 calories per day if you need to lose weight or lose weight. Each 1000 calories a day corresponds to 7000 calories per week, which gives you 1 kilo a week. In order to achieve this, the dietitian should have a low calorie diet and perform high calorie-burning sports regularly. Sleep will help you burn a little calories.


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