How Many Calories in Yogurt Make You Gain Weight Or Lose Weight?

Dietitian Tuğba Yaprak gives the following information about the effects of yogurt on weight loss: It has been known for a long time that yogurt is very beneficial for the health of people of all ages. Among the benefits of yogurt is that it helps to lose weight. When consumed in the diet, yogurt not only increases the fat burning in the body, but also gives energy to the body and prevents it from being weak. It is beneficial for people who want to lose weight to consume a bowl of yogurt 1-2 times a day to increase the fat burning rate in their bodies.

How Many Calories Are in Yogurt?

The calorie of yogurt varies depending on whether it has cream or not. Yogurt with cream contains more calories than without cream. Dietitian Gözde Ağca reports that 1 cup of cream-free yogurt (200 grams) contains 138 calories, and 1 bowl of creamy yogurt (200 grams) has 153 calories.

Homemade Yogurt Calories:

1 bowl, that is, 1 glass of home yogurt, is 122 calories. Dietitian Ayşe Tuğba Şengel reports that 100 grams of homemade yogurt contains 61 calories. In this case, 1 bowl of homemade yogurt is 122 calories.

Other information given by Dietitian Gözde Ağca is as follows;

  1. 1 bowl of fruit yogurt (200 grams) is 208 calories.
  2. 1 bowl of strained yogurt (200 grams) contains 167.

Whole Fat Yogurt Calories

  1. 100 gr. full-fat yogurt is 66 calories

Half Fat Yogurt Calories

  1. 100 grams of low fat yogurt 46 calories.
  2. The calorie value of 1 cup of low-fat yogurt is 69 calories.

How Many Calories Are in Light Yogurt?

The calorie of 1 bowl of light yogurt is 82.5 calories.

Does Yogurt Help With Weight Loss?

  1. Dietitian Tuğba Yaprak gives the following information: Researches conducted by experts have shown that yoghurt consumed during the slimming period has a great contribution to weight loss. Because the protein, vitamins and minerals in yoghurt allow the weight to go from fat while losing weight, that is, it supports the person to lose weight in a healthy way. In particular, the fact that the yogurt to be consumed is homemade yogurt is also effective.
  2. People who have problems with fat in the hip and belly area should take care to consume yoghurt frequently in order to burn the fat there. Because yogurt has a great effect on burning fat.
  3. Yogurt consumption is widely preferred during the slimming period. Because, besides the intense fat-burning effect of yogurt, it is known that it also prevents the person from taking too much calories, that is, keeps it full for a long time.
  4. Since the amount of energy in yogurt is high, it prevents the body from weakening during the slimming process.
  5. Yogurt is also known to minimize loss of body weight as it prevents weight loss from muscle.
  6. Yogurt, which can be consumed regardless of the meal of the day, both accelerates the fat burning process in the body and makes the metabolism stronger.
  7. Yogurt also helps in bone development.
  8. While consuming yogurt during the slimming period, you can add spices and herbs such as turmeric and black pepper or flaxseed to increase its fat-burning effect. When consumed together, fat burning in the body will be maximized.

How Many Bowls of Yogurt Should You Eat A Day When Wanting to Lose Weight?

Dietitian Tuğba Yaprak gives the following information: “An adult should consume 1-2 bowls of yogurt a day. This is the normal amount and has a great effect on weight loss in the body.”

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