How Pimple Redness Is Overcome In 1 Day?

Acne is a skin problem that starts with adolescence and can continue in adulthood. Acne redness is the irritated image caused by infection around the acne. How does acne redness disappear, what to do? in our article how does acne redness disappear in 1 day?, what are the quick remedy methods that undergo redness? We included the subject.

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  • How Pimple Redness Is Overcome In 1 Day?
    • Ice for acne redness
    • Use eye drops.
    • Aspirin
    • Toothpaste
    • Eye Drops
    • Apply lemon juice to the pimple.
    • Tea Bag

How Pimple Redness Is Overcome In 1 Day?


Ice for acne redness

To reduce inflammation and relieve redness, put a few ice cubes in a clean cotton cloth and apply to the area where there are acne rashes.

While doing this, do not press on the pimple too much or you will burst and spread the infection. The cold compress improves blood circulation and takes swelling and redness.

Use eye drops.

Eye drops contain tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, which relieves redness in the eye. Apply one or two drops of eye drops to the cotton and apply it to the area with acne redness.


Alternatively, drop a small piece of cotton or eye drops on the ear stick and throw it into the freezer. Apply this cotton to pimples the next morning.
It takes cold inflammation, and the tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride substance in the drop helps to relieve redness. If you rub it all over your face, you will cause more irritation, just apply it to the affected places, do not use this technique too often or you may cause various problems on the skin.


Acne redness in aspirin will be the cure.
Aspirin contains salicylic acid, and this substance suppresses inflammation, causing anti-inflammatory effects. Mix crushed aspirin with some water to create a paste. Apply to the inflamed area with a cotton swab, and when dry, wash and rinse.



Toothpaste can be a solution for acne. Most toothpaste contains silica to help acne dry. Night before bed acne toothpaste

Apply and wash in the morning. Do not use toothpaste that contains menthol or fluoride. These substances can cause redness to spread and pimples to get worse.


Eye Drops

From the University of Kansas School or Medicine. Audrey Kunin recommends dipping the cotton swab in the eye drops and keeping it on the pimples for 10 seconds to quickly get rid of acne.


Apply lemon juice to the pimple.

The most important cause of acne is bacteria. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which combats bacteria, and studies have shown that citric acid has a rash and is a natural skin bleach. Add lemon juice to cotton, apply to the place with acne, stay overnight, wash the next morning.


Tea Bag

Apply a warm washcloth or warm tea bag to the acne spot.
Soak the fabric in hot water or put the tea bag in hot water and take it out and hold it for 30-60 seconds to the place where there is acne. The water alone should not be too hot, or you will irritate the skin.


You can use concealer to hide acne redness.
Some concealers contain salicylic acid that helps dry out acne. You can look for other solutions if you wish.

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