How should 2020 New Year’s Day Diet Be?

2020 New Year’s Eve everyone will miss the measure too much. In order not to regret later a daily diet can apply. 2020 New Year’s day diet how should it be?

Seda Uşarer, a diet specialist at a private hospital in Izmir, pointed out that there was plenty of high food and drink on New Year’s Eve and regrets due to the excess calories in the morning, and suggested a ‘next day diet’ for those in this mood. Uşarer said, “The first day of the new year protein-weighted breakfast

Do , this speeds up the burning of alcohol in the evening. You must walk 90 minutes so that the calories you take the night before will not turn into fat. ”

How should 2020 New Year’s Day Diet Be?

Wishing that all the negativities and unhappiness will remain in 2019, we are preparing to meet 2020, I missed much on New Year’s Eve iyecek, Izmir City Hospital Dietitian Seda Uşarer has prepared a nutrition program for the last day and first day of the year. Uşarer said that on December 31, which is the last day of the year, meals should be served as breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a light and healthy breakfast should be followed by a light lunch. Pointing out to the importance of drinking water throughout the day, Uşarer made the following suggestions:

blank post-christmas diet

“If you are going to enter the new year at home, be careful not to sit too hungry for food. Choices such as a handful of raw hazelnuts, almonds and a fresh fruit or milk coffee before eating can blunt your breath. You can start with a salad with cheese, grilled vegetables or olive oil before the main course. Indispensable flavor of the New Year is turkey meat. Choosing between pilaf, puree, soup or bread alongside the turkey ensures that you do not get too much carbohydrates.

If dessert or fruit will be consumed after eating, I recommend you to take small portions of the carbohydrate group. Dessert can also be walnut pumpkin dessert, baked pear-quince dessert or fruit, ice cream. You can use fresh vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, carrots and peppers as a snack to avoid eating too many calories after meals.

Another alternative; You can consume nuts such as unsalted nuts, almonds, walnuts, blueberries, raisins or 1 bowl of popcorn. If you are outside the home on New Year’s Eve, you need to be more careful. You should stay away from open buffet or places that offer unlimited drinks and appetizers. In such cases, do not just focus on food. It is necessary to think healthy and make the right decision.

As a main course, you can eat turkey, chicken, fish or red meat as well as salad, followed by dessert or fruit in small portions. If you do not want to feel bad in the New Year’s morning, consume alcohol in a controlled manner. My suggestion is that your alcohol preference is wine to both adapt and enjoy the food. Wine; It has lower calories than vodka, whiskey, raki, rum or cocktails. “

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Eat Protein After Christmas Day

Uşarer recommends giving weight to protein in the first day of the new year, saying, “Having a protein-based breakfast on the first day of 2014 will speed up the burning of the alcohol you take in the evening. You should stay away from bad carbohydrates such as bread, bagels, pastry, boyoz as much as possible. Since there will be a late breakfast, lunch can be skipped.

A snack should be made with only 1 fruit and raw nuts or almonds. It can be grilled and salad for dinner. About 3 liters of water should be drunk throughout the day. Besides water, you can get support from herbal teas, especially green tea. In the meantime, a 90-minute walk will prevent the calories you take the night before from turning into fat. ”

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