How should a child with a weak report be treated? Reasons for bad reporting

Having poor lessons in your child for whom you expect high success can be disappointing, and as a result, you may be unwittingly mistreat your child. However, it should be known about this situation; Scolding your child in the face of a poor grade will affect his psychology worse. So, how should we approach a child with a bad report? Advice on approaching a child with a weak report …

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The fear of the report card will be inevitable for students who do not know what report card they will bring home. Children who get unsuccessful grades in their classes for various reasons may be upset when they fail to achieve the expected success at the end of the semester, and may even think that their parents will be angry because they bring a low report card, and they may feel intense stress. Experts who point to this exact situation point out that families should not blame their children for a bad report card. First of all, it should be taken as a basis that your child is your reflection, and you should not forget that even the failure of the lessons may result from your own attitudes and behaviors. So how should we approach a child who has a broken note on his report card? Specialist advice for parents with school-age children …

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How to treat a child with a bad report

In an unsuccessful report card, at least as much as the influence of the child, the indifference of the parents or the inability to direct them correctly can be effective. Therefore, if you are going to look for a crime in someone, you can start by looking for it in yourself.

weak report card

Especially, establishing sentences that will harm the personality of the child will lead to a lack of self-confidence and, consequently, to more wrongdoing, as it will feel pressure on the student who will enter the second term with low motivation.

There is no rule that every child will have the same characteristics, there is no such thing at all. While some children are better at verbal and fail numerically, some are less successful in verbal. It is necessary to evaluate each child differently.



Stating that parents should not give impulsive and negative reactions to a child who brings a bad report card to the house, Assist. Associate Professor. Virgo Sober, “Regardless of the reason for the weak report, parents should investigate the reasons and fulfill their duties to solve the problem.” said.

Stating that the family should definitely appreciate the efforts of the child, both in the behaviors displayed in daily life and in the achievements in lessons, Assist. Dr. Başak Ayık said the following:

“Every person starts their education first in their family. Individuals display a variety of behaviors according to both the genetic characteristics they receive from their families and the behaviors within the family.

However, unfortunately, some parents have high expectations from their children, ignoring their academic life and their own lives. Each child’s success should be judged according to his or her own capacity and effort. “ said.

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