How should laser epilation be done?

It should be applied under the control of a physician

The person to be treated with laser epilation should be examined by a specialist physician to evaluate the skin type and hair structure, and to question whether the person has a drug and light sensitive disease. In cases of sudden and excessive hair growth, necessary hormone values ​​should be checked in terms of possible polycystic ovary, goiter diseases and hyperandrogenism. In the light of this information, the subtype and parameters of laser hair removal should be determined. It should be done under the control of a specialist physician such as a plastic surgeon and in clinics with appropriate conditions.

Sessions vary by person

Laser epilation treatment requires a minimum of 6-8 sessions to be successful. The number of sessions varies according to the person’s skin type, hair color and the area to be applied. Session duration is between 15 minutes and 2 hours depending on the area to be applied. Session intervals vary according to the person, but are generally 6-8 weeks in the body area.

Immediately after treatment, redness and swelling may occur, but this condition is temporary. This situation does not prevent the person from continuing his daily life. On the contrary, it is an indicator that laser epilation is effective. There is no single most effective type of laser epilation, it is decided by the physician which type of laser will be applied in what dosage according to the skin type and hair structure of the person.

It causes many problems

Laser epilation is a safe procedure as long as it is performed by experts in the field under the supervision of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon serving under the Ministry of Health. When it is not done in competent hands and with the right devices, it can cause irreparable damage, as we have seen in most media organs. While wanting to beautify with low wages and campaign prices, many people are victimized in under-the-counter businesses such as hairdressing salons, nail shops, beauty centers, most of which are found to work without a license.

In laser epilation applications with the wrong dose of energy and devices, burns, permanent spots, hardening, darkening and increase in the hair, no change in the hair structure despite many laser sessions, brown spots on the mustache and cheeks, especially on dark skin, as a result of not selecting the correct dose of laser epilation. Problems such as formation arise. If the laser epilation energy dose suitable for the hair follicle is not selected, the effect cannot be achieved. On the contrary, thickening of thin hairs, which we call triggering, and new hair growth occur in areas without hair. The alexandrite laser applied to light hair is the most triggered laser type. The hair follicle, which does not get thinner during laser epilation, thickens in contrast to what is aimed with both laser and shortening applications such as razor blades.

Home hair removal is not permanent

The word epilation is hair removal. Epilator, wax, razor, depilatory creams are also epilation methods. Hair removal devices used at home do hair removal, but it is not permanent. Household hair removal devices are not laser hair removal devices. Hair removal is a temporary solution. Permanently effective laser hair removal at home is not possible with these small devices.

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