How should toilet training be in babies? How old should it be?

As babies are born, they come as news of everything. In fact, they are afraid because they leave the womb that they are used to and open their eyes to the world of light and density. At the same time, because they are not used to breathing, the ingress of air and breathing in the air also scares them and therefore they start to cry. But even if this is the case, it is the babies who adapt and get used to a certain order very quickly. Although they get used to diapering from birth, they will adapt very quickly when toilet training is given in a healthy way.

The Importance of Healthy Toilet Training

Babies who are given a healthy toilet training will not be too difficult to get used to the toilet. As long as an education is given by paying attention to time and place. If toilet training is given at the wrong time and place, it will be a bad experience for both the mother and the baby, as well as the possibility of leaving negative residues in the baby. A healthy toilet training is essential for the material and spiritual health and well-being of the mother and baby.

Mother’s Ready for This

Although toilet training is given to the baby, the role of the mother who will give the training is more important. For this reason, the mother should feel ready for this financially and morally. For example, although all the conditions are sufficient for toilet training, if the mother is in fear or is suffering from an illness at the moment, she should not start toilet training. The mother should not see this education lightly and should not think of getting out of the way. Therefore, before giving toilet training to her baby, it is important to do research by listening to the experts and to feel ready.

Baby’s Physical Fitness and Preparation

The mother decides whether a baby will start toilet training or not. For this reason, the mother should always observe her child. If the child is physically ready for toilet training, the mother can make a positive decision for this training. The physical preparation of the child is evident from the development of his muscles. For example, if the diapered baby can sit comfortably in the toilet position, this is a sign that the leg muscles are strengthened and ready. If she is sitting in that position even while she is urinating, the mother can be prepared for training. If he’s also uncomfortable with his diaper and signals when he comes to his toilet, that’s proof that he’s being physically prepared.

Spiritual Preparation of the Baby

Some babies may be afraid of the toilet. It is very natural that an episode he has not seen before and actions he has not done before can scare him. However, this can be extreme in some babies. In such cases, it is healthier for the baby if the mother does not rush in toilet training. However, although babies are generally afraid of the toilet or the environment, they can overcome this in a short time with the support of their mother.

What is the toilet age of the baby?

Not all babies develop the same. Babies whose material and spiritual development differ, will not be the same age in the toilet. For example, some have completed enough muscle and bone development at the age of 1.5-2, while others can complete this process in 3 years. For this reason, the duty here falls on the mother. A mother who accustoms her previous child to the toilet at the age of 2 should not want to accustom the other at that age and should observe her child. At what age the child is ready, that age is ideal.

As babies are born, they come as news of everything. In fact, they are afraid because they leave the womb that they are used to and open their eyes to the world of light and density.

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