How to apply makeup according to the shape of the eyes If your eyelid is low, apply thin eyeliner!


For a perfect makeup, the makeup that we apply with the structure of our eyes must be compatible. Each eye type requires makeup in different shades and structures. If you think about how to wear makeup that matches your eye shape, this news will help you. Here are the makeup tips that match your eye shape!

Big eyes

Women with large eyes should apply dark eyeshadows to the eye fountain. The choice of dark palette palettes is one of the most suitable makeup products for big eyes. Eyeliner and black eyeliner will suit this eye type very well and will make the eye look more normal size.

Almond eyes

Almond eye shape is one of the most ideal eye shapes that women want to have and where they can afford plastic surgery. After applying a brown matte eyeshadow on the eyelid, make-up almond with darker brown eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyelid creates a wonderful look on the eyes.

Slanted eyes

If you have this eye shape, you can pull your eyes up with eyeliner or eyeliner. You should prefer light colored headlights. Applying the eyeshadow to the bottom of the lash will create a beautiful image for you.

Small eyes

If you have a small eye shape, you should prefer shady makeup that will make your eyes look deeper. In this way, you will emphasize the shape of your eye very well. Do not forget to apply black eyeliner on top and bottom of your eye.

Prominent eyes

Care should be taken not to apply bright and bright headlights. Choosing a medium or dark headlight instead will help push your eyes back. Pulling a thick pencil under your eyes will create a beautiful image.

Eyes far apart

You should prefer dark pencil and headlight. On the outside of your eye, you can apply a light-colored headlight. So you can make your eyes look closer together.

Eyes close together

Those with eyes close to each other are advised to apply light colored eyeshadows or illuminate them. If you prefer dark colored eyeshadows in your eyes, it will make your eyes look farther away.

Eyelid low eyes

Low eyes can make you look tired, sluggish, sleepless and sad. For this reason, you can apply dark eyeshadows to the edges of the eyes without illuminating the eyebrows much. Headlight should be applied between the tip of the eye and the eyebrow, and should not go any further. It will also be beneficial to apply thin eyeliner.

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