How to Calm a Crying Baby? What is the 5S Rule?

Calming the crying baby

US (for children doctor Harvey Karp; It derives the 5S rule. children cry always make them feel hungry or of gas grip says that this method should be applied to calm the crying child.

What is Harvey Karp’s 5S Rule?

Harvey Karp ‘s 5S rule is as follows:

  • Swaddling (Swaddling): Swaddling is not done tightly, but in a way that the child can feel comfortable, and it should be continued until the child is 5 months old. The sound called white noise should definitely emerge in the room while the child is sleeping.
  • Side / Stomach position (turning the baby to the side): The baby should be embraced and should be tilted to the right while looking down.
  • Shushing (mean Shhh): Baby’s ear should be called shh in order to remember and relax the noisy environment in the womb.
  • Swinging and jiggling: In order to remind the movement and relaxation of the mother’s womb, the baby’s head is shaken by holding it under the hand.
  • Sucking (to get it absorbed): It is provided to suck using the pacifier.


Should Babies Get Practiced?

0-6 months infants feel most safely on lap and it is not wrong to accustom these babies to lap.

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