How to care for the neck and décolleté? Neck and décolleté rejuvenation

Falling cell renewal rate with increasing age, stress, wrong sleeping position and posture line when using technological devices such as notebook and phone causes wrinkles in the neckline and neck area increase. What to do for the maintenance of the neck and décolleté, which experts say must be cared for? How to prevent neck and décolleté sagging? Be sure to check out our article to find out.

Although the wrinkle in the neck and décolleté increases with age, it can be seen in some people at an early age. If you complain about this situation, sometimes seen as genetic, sometimes vitamin and mineral, act immediately. Although the face looks young because you care, the décolleté and neck area can handle your age. Sagging and wrinkles may increase as the sensitive structure of your neck and décolleté are very vulnerable to the negative effects of time. You can eliminate this situation by intervening in a short time. You can easily access the content we prepared for the neck and décolleté, which are the key points of a younger and well-groomed appearance.


When you wake up in the morning, you should not forget to wash your neck area with cold water while washing your face. Then wipe these areas with cream or high quality vegetable oil. You should definitely moisten the neck area, which is one of the areas you forget to moisturize during the day, and rub it with applied massage.

You can exfoliate the neck and décolleté 2-3 times a week. so dead skin cells disappear and you speed up your blood circulation. At least once a week, you can feed the neck and décolleté with masks containing vitamins.


Neck mask is one of the methods that reduce and stop wrinkles. If you want to learn the methods that reduce wrinkles, you can definitely examine our content: B METHODS TO REDUCE GAME WRINKLES



If you want a quick solution, this serum is for you. Combating the lines with Goji Bery and sweet almond oil, the formula provides the natural hyaluronic acid balance of the skin and removes blemishes.

PRICE: 489.00 TRY


Opening the doors of youth with the technology of Golden Orchid, this cream lifts, tightens the skin and pampers the skin with a soft, smooth texture.

PRICE: 1852,94 TL


Massage helps to remove edema and restructure the skin by speeding up blood circulation. The neck and décolleté cream of Estee Lauder contains a massage tool that comes with its packaging.

PRICE: 575.00 TRY


Paper masks miraculous effects are also effective against regional aging. Specially designed for the neck and chin area, this mask fights aging signs.

PRICE: 59.90 TL


Neck and décolleté are the most sensitive areas. This cream of Clarins is formulated with green sea plants and wheat candies that gently care for this region.

PRICE: 561.00 TRY

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