How to choose sunscreen? The best tanning sunscreens 2019

Sunscreen is an important factor in terms of skin health, which must be used in summer and winter. It prevents both sunscreens that prevent skin cancer and premature aging. However, according to researches, there are interesting sunscreens with fake content in the cosmetic world. As we are trying to deliver the most accurate information to you, how is the right sunscreen chosen when the summer is approaching? What are tanning sunscreens? you should definitely read our article.

The sun provides positive effects on the body’s biological and psychological health. While vitamin D emitted by sunlight strengthens the skeletal system; It plays an active role in the treatment of diseases such as rheumatic diseases, inflammation, osteoporosis. Sunlight also provides calcium absorption, strengthens the immune system, and helps to reduce energy, depression and stress. It is enough to go out in the sun for 20 minutes a day to get full benefit from the sun. It is not necessary to sunbathe your entire body for this; it is enough for only some of your arms and legs to be exposed to the sun, especially to take vitamin D. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause a number of health problems. It is necessary to use sunscreen or sun lotion to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.


When choosing sunscreen, it is necessary to pay attention to the content of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These two substances act as a set against harmful UV rays. It is also extremely important that the cream you choose does not contain chemicals. Especially those with an allergic body should definitely consult with a specialist when choosing a sunscreen.

According to research done by the University of Washington Dermatology Unit on sunscreens, sunscreens provide much more effective protection than sunscreen lotions. They need to be applied half an hour before sun exposure and renew every two hours. Again according to the same research; Sunscreens with 30 SPF properties block 97 percent of ultraviolet rays and 98.5 percent of 50 SPF. While 30 protection factors can be considered ideal for adults, this figure should be increased for children.



– Pure Beauty Silky Touch Spf 50+ 90 gr Sunscreen for Face and Body / 69.90 TL

– Garnier Ambre Solaire Intensive Bronzing Oil GKF2 200ML / 40.90 TL


– HAWAIIAN TROPIC Sun Oil Coconut F0 200ml / 47.90 TL

– NIVEA Sun Bronzer Carotene Spray Sun Oil Spf0 200 ml / 41.25 TL


– NIVEA Sun Sunscreen and Bronzing Spray / 69.90 TL

– SEBAMED Sun Cream F50 + 75ml / 69.90 TL



– Eda Taşpınar Intensive Bronzing Oil / 54.90 TL

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