How To Clean Male Sexual Area Hair How To Get Rectal Hair

How To Clean Male Sexual Area Hair How To Get Rectal Hair

Hair growth in the genital area is a condition that begins with puberty and is seen in men as well as women. The testicles, the scrotum, the circumference of the genitals and the anus region are the places where hair growth occurs. These hairs should be removed periodically. There are different methods used for this. If the hair is not cleaned, various bacteria and microbes start to grow in the genital area. As a result, bad odor, fungal disease, itching and rash occur.

Use a Razor

Razor, or razor, is the most practical and inexpensive method of removing hair in the genital area of ​​men. Thanks to the razor, you can safely get rid of the hair. The only disadvantage of using razors is that the razor hair grows quickly and the razor thickens the hair.

  1. If you hold the razor in water and clean the hairs accumulated on it, you will use it more comfortably.
  2. In other words, you should take a bath first so that the hairs should soften and the genital area should be cleaned with a razor before leaving the bath. If using razor blades irritates your genital area, you can use methods such as epilation, waxing and depilatory cream for hair removal.

Use Depilatory Cream For Men

There are depilatory creams on the market that are specifically for men. It can be used on arms, chest, armpits, back and groin. It is available in spray forms and is easier to use.

  1. First, a small amount of cream is applied to the area to be cleaned.
  2. After waiting sufficiently, the bristles are cleaned with the cleaning apparatus that comes out of the box of the cream.
  3. The cream should be applied directly to the skin with the round part of the spatula covering the hairs completely and thoroughly rubbed in.
  4. The cream should be kept on the skin for a while. However, this period should not exceed 6 minutes.
  5. After use, the skin should be thoroughly rinsed with plenty of water and free of residue.
  6. Then it should be dried with the help of a clean towel.

Using a Hair Removal Tool

Men can use a hair removal tool to remove hair in the genital area.

The hairs in this area should be cleaned with the small head of the hair removal machine. Thus, not much pain is felt. Keeping ice cubes in the area before and after the procedure also reduces the pain. After removing the hair with the epilation machine, the hair follicles become prominent and the skin becomes red. However, it returns to normal within 1 day.

Use of Men’s Body Care Shaver

Suitable for use on groin, chest, back, shoulders, abdomen, legs and armpits. It is designed not to irritate the skin. It can be used safely even in the most sensitive parts of the body such as the genital area. The sharp edge of the blades does not touch the skin.

Scissors Use

It is known that this method is used frequently especially in foreign countries. It is extremely easy to cut the hair in the genital area with scissors. However, the scissors should be cleaned thoroughly after each use and stored in a safe place. You can cut hairs in your specific area from 0.1 to 0.2 millimeters with scissors.

Waxing Method

Waxing is one of the effective methods of getting rid of the hair in the genital area not only by women but also by men. Waxing can be applied to every part of the body. Waxing can be applied to the belly, back, chest, waist, arm, shoulder, leg, hand, foot, armpits, hip and genital area. If you do not want to hurt while waxing, you can get help from Emla cream. This cream temporarily numbs the area where it is applied and greatly relieves the pain. It is used 1-2 hours before waxing.

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