How to do cellulite massage If you do not want to adhere to the pareo in summer. . .


We have brought together the tips of massaging cellulite to get rid of cellulite, which is the nuisance of many women, which are the result of immobility and malnutrition during the day! If you do not want to visit the pareo adhered in the summer months, you can see all the details of doing cellulite massage in the continuation of the news.


Irregular nutrition, not moving enough during the day, eliminating blood circulation problems is called cellulite massage. First of all, you need to make nutrition and exercise a habit in your life. Otherwise, even if you massage as much as you want, you will not be able to see the effect.


In order to prevent the formation of cellulite, it is first necessary to eat healthy and exercise. If you include sports and healthy nutrition in your life, you do not need to experience cellulite problems. When you wake up every morning, you can prevent your cellulite formations by brushing your legs with the body brush from bottom to top.


While doing cellulite massage, you can make your body with cold press natural oils but only with a single oil.

Some of the oils that you can use lavender oil, orange oil, jojoba oil, lily oil, sesame oil, thyme oil, lemon oil, rosemary oil, jasmine oil will work.

Mix the oil you prefer by putting it in a bowl, then sink your hands and rub both hands together and make them warm. Apply to the area where you have cellulite problems without applying too much pressure from your knees to your hips. Massage your leg in a circular motion.

Finally, massage from the inside of the leg to the outside of the leg. After the massage is over, wrap your leg with stretch film and let the oils get well into the skin. Leave it on for approximately 20 minutes and apply it several times a week.

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