How To Do The Easiest Smoky Eye Makeup Step by Step?

How To Do The Easiest Smoky Eye Makeup Step by Step?

The most crucial part of a perfect make-up is eye make-up. So which eye makeup is more impressive? If asked, the answer of many women would be ‘smoky eye makeup’. Smoky eye makeup, which is one of the most beautiful makeup styles, is also known as “Smoky Eye” or “smoky eye makeup”. In short, all women love smoky eye make-up, whether they are at the beginning of the road in make-up or those who have become professional. Because this make-up suits every woman very, very well. In a nutshell, women add dust to the smoke with their smoky eye makeup! This make-up attracts men, and the smoky eye make-up, which gives women a noble and cool look, attracts the attention of men. So, how about you put your stamp on every environment you enter by easily applying smoky eye makeup?

How to Do Smoky Eye Makeup?

For glamorous and striking looks, you should try the smoky eye makeup. Don’t worry, once your hand gets used to it, you won’t have any difficulties.

Apply Neutral Color Eyeshadow to Your Eyelids

The first thing we need to do to begin with is to apply a primer to our eyelids. Let’s choose a neutral color from our eyeshadow palette and apply this color to all of our eyelids. If we could not decide on the color of the primer eyeshadow, we can choose the lightest shades in our eyeshadow palette. We can count white and all powder tones as neutral colors. It would be more correct to turn to light powder tones.

Apply Eyeshadow to Your Eyelids

Although most of the time, bronze, brown, gray and black eyeshadows are used in steamy make-up, everyone can choose what they want. We can also use silvery and red headlights, there is no restriction in this regard.

Distribute the Shadow You Apply

In order for our eye makeup to be perfect, we must distribute the eye shadow well. Let’s start to distribute the eyeshadow that we apply on the fold with a fluffy distribution brush. Let’s keep distributing until we get the look we want. We should create as homogeneous transitions as possible. The most important part of smoky eye makeup is to achieve this homogeneity. The more we can achieve homogeneity in the process of mixing colors, the more foggy our make-up will be.

Use Eyeliner

Now, we need eyeliner and eyeliner to define our eyes well. We can sharpen our eyes by drawing a tailed eyeliner or pencil just above our eyes. While doing this, we must be careful not to overflow the eyeliner or pencil that we apply from the shaded area on our eyelid. We can draw a pencil under our eyes in the same way. But we don’t have to do this under our eyes.

Complete Makeup With Mascara

Here we are, the key point of steamy makeup! We can have assertive looks by emphasizing our eyelashes. We can also use false eyelashes if we wish. Thanks to natural-looking false eyelashes, our eyelashes will look fuller and longer. Let’s put on lots of mascara while completing our smoky eye makeup. Here, we are ready to mess around with our eyes!

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