How to dye hair at home? What are the tricks? Solution suggestions for those who come with bottom paint

Painting your hair frequently from root to tip can cause your hair to break and wear out and burn. You should know that these breaks and sides caused a long-term error. So, what should the bottom paint come from, how long should the bottom paint be done? If you are curious about the answer to all these questions, you can check out our news. Here are the solution suggestions for those who come from the bottom paint. . .

Since hairdressers are closed in the quarantine diaries due to coronavirus, the bottom dye of your hair may have come. In this case, you may want to eliminate the bad look and dye your hair so that it regains its old look. However, hair dyeing at home is an application that needs a lot of attention. In the article we prepared today, we share with you all the curiosities, from the tricks of hair dyeing to fine details. It is not clear how long social isolation will take and when hairdressers will open. For this reason, we need to do our hair coloring at home on our own. If you are wondering how to dye hair at home, what to consider when dyeing hair at home, what materials are needed to dye hair at home, the details are in our news.



of 1- First of all, apply a moisturizing cream on your face to let the paint come off when it gets on your face.

2- To see if the paint is allergic to the skin, apply a little of the paint on your ear and wait 15 minutes. If there is no redness and itching, there is no situation to prevent you from dyeing your hair.

of 3- If your hair is curly, make sure to straighten your hair to distribute the paint more comfortably.

4- Hair to be dyed should not be washed recently. It is more advantageous to make your hair dirty in terms of dyeing. Because when the hair is clean, the pores in the hair roots are open and when the paint is touched, it causes burning and pain.


of 5- If you mix the hair dye coming out of the box in an old ice cream container, it will be easier to take the paint with the brush.

6- After applying the dye to your hair, you should wrap it on your hair ends with aluminum foil. This will allow the dye to penetrate the hair more easily.

7- After dyeing your hair, you can keep it in your hair according to the time written in the dye box.

8- After the dyeing process, wash your hair with a suitable shampoo until the dye is completely removed from the hair.


Every woman has a lot of trouble with dip dye after dyeing her hair. Generally, women who are highlighted or who make big changes in the color of their hair often need to have a base paint. However, bottom paint is not as affordable as you think. We are here with suggestions that will save you from making bottom paints and also contribute to your budget. If you are among the women whose hair roots become clear one week after the dyeing process, you should definitely check out this article we prepared. Here are great solution suggestions for those who come from the bottom paint:



The best way to hide the bottom dye is to give volume to the hair. The easiest suggestion that will save you when you do not have the time or budget to make the bottom dye is to give your hair a good volume by giving wavy or curly shapes. You can easily do this with the brush, comb assistant or dryer.


The hairstyles you use during the day also reveal the resulting dip dye, such as a ponytail. To hide the scalp, make it in the form of a scarf or scarf and add a modern flair.



In recent years, there are different products for those who come from the bottom paint in the cosmetic world. However, not all of them may produce the desired effect. The best product you can recommend is dry shampoos. You can choose the suitable shade for your hair color from the dry shampoos and choose it as your rescuer in emergency situations.

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