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How to get the attractive makeup of Barbara Palvin?

How to get the attractive makeup of Barbara Palvin?

L’Oréal Paris’s Beauty Ambassador, how attractive this attractive makeup looks to baby doll Barbara Palvin ! In order to be inspired by him, we decided to collect our makeup materials and cross the mirror. How about doing Barbara Palvin’s makeup with us?

Skin makeup

Your skin needs to look flawless to leave the scene on your lips . Sync your skin tone with the color equalizer palette. Apply the purple concealer to the spots you want to lighten, and the green concealer to the rashes and acne scars. Get the perfect complexion with the help of the foundation after applying the color equalizer concealers .

Apply and distribute the foundation on the face in spots. Apply warmness to your skin by applying the blush of peach to your cheeks. If you are looking for a blush in the original tones suitable for the skin tone, you   can try the L’Oréal Paris Infaillible Blush Paint blush palette.

Eye make-up

Brush your eyebrows upward and fill the gaps between them with the help of the eyebrow pencil. You can try to apply a small amount of hairspray to the eyebrow brush to fix your eyebrows. Do not forget to apply the liquid eyeshadow in pearl shades to the eyelids for your eyes to appear.

Finally, accentuate your lashes with a volumizing mascara. In this step  , we recommend using the L’Oréal Paris Superstar eXtra Fiber Mascara  . This double-sided mascara consists of mascara primer and fiber mascara. Black mascara primer gives volume and length while preparing eyelashes for mascara application . Fiber mascara gives your lashes a long and voluminous look, allowing you to create a false eyelash effect .

The last touches

Complete your make-up by carefully applying the dark lipstick flour of your choice to your lips. Barbara Palvin’s choice is  L’Oréal Paris Color 349 Cherry Front Row from the Riche Matte  lipstick range .




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