How to Make a French Manicure?

French manicure is the golden key to well-groomed nails. This style of manicure, which is one of the basic elements of personal care, looks very simple and nice. If you want a stylish and attractive look, nothing gets better than a classic French manicure. This manicure style is easy to make yourself at home. Choose a powder pink or a clear base coat and you can line your nails with white nail polish. Let your nails grow for a stunning look or you can use gel or acrylic fake nails to lengthen them instantly. Give your nails a Parisian vibe without spending big on a beauty center.

what is french manicure

What is French Manicure?

A French manicure is actually not that different from other manicures… Massage and nail care techniques are the same, or at least very similar. What makes this manicure style unique is the table French aura. In traditional nail care and most manicures, a single color of nail polish is applied to the nails. In French manicure, the tip of each nail is properly painted pure white.

What is French Nail Polish?

After a base coat is applied by the beautician, a natural pink, beige, rakı white or clear coat of nail polish is applied to each nail. After drying, a clean white tip is created on each nail using an opaque white nail polish. Sometimes this process is reversed, the white tip created before applying colored nail polish is used to achieve a simpler look. After the nail polish and tips have dried, another top layer is applied to protect the nails and increase durability. French nail polishes may sound quite simple, but it is an incredibly difficult process.

french manicure

What Are The Methods Of Making French Manicure?

You can use different methods to make manicure in this style. It is possible to make a French manicure with the easiest method among different methods. Because doing a manicure in this style requires some attention and skill.

French Manicure Ring

The French ring is used to properly paint the nail tips. This object is attached to the nails like a ring and ensures that French nail polish is applied smoothly and smoothly.

French Pen

The white nail polish in this pencil is delicate, long-lasting, easy and practical. Makes nails look well-groomed for a stylish french manicure. Its special solvent-based formula allows you to draw a precise and even line with superior grip. Thanks to the rounded tip of the French manicure pen, it removes the perfect amount of nail polish that is easily applied. A french manicure is made with this pen and can be used comfortably after a few minutes.

French Band

French tape is also attached to the nail. This way you can draw thinner and straight lines. You can make a stylish and pleasant manicure.

Adhesive and Bandage

So, how to make french with tape? By sticking adhesive tape or band-aid on your nails, you can make a french manicure in a very practical way. If you are not very good at drawing a straight line, you can make your job a little easier by using adhesive tape or band-aid instead of French tape.

How to Apply French Manicure?

In the first step, remove your old nail polish. Since white or transparent nail polish is used in French manicure, your nails need to be completely cleaned. If you have an acrylic nail and want to do a french manicure on it, you should use the appropriate acetone.

In the second step, you have to shape the nails. French manicure looks more stunning with longer nails so you shouldn’t cut them too short. You should use nail clippers to correct uneven spots and make sure that all your nails are the same length.

If you want to use acrylic nails, you can trim and adjust your nails shorter. After trimming your nails, you should apply the acrylic glue and false nails according to the instructions on the package.

In the third step, you should file and shape your nails. You can shape your nails into a square or round shape depending on your preference. You can use a nail pad to polish the surface of your nails.

When filing your nails, you should not push them down as this action can damage them. It would be correct to gently drag the file between your nails.

In the fourth step, soak your hands in warm water, warm milk or olive oil. This softens your cuticles and makes it easier to push the cuticles. Leave it on for about three minutes, then dry your hands with a towel.

In the fifth step, push the cuticles back and clean the cuticles with nail scissors. You should pour cologne on your hands immediately after this procedure as this process may cause infections and wounds.

In the sixth step, apply base coat on your nails. The base coat of French manicure is usually powder pink, cream-colored, rakı white or transparent nail polish. You can buy from sets like the French manicure kit that comes with a classic base coat color, tip color, and other hardware you can use to create a perfect manicure.

Allow the base nail polish to dry well and apply a second coat. You should check that the base nail polish is completely dry before continuing.

In the seventh step, paint your nail tips with white nail polish. The white polish should be applied along the nail finish line and should not overflow. Wait for the tips to dry completely, then apply another coat if you wish. You can use acetone dipped cotton swabs to carefully touch up or shape nail polish on the nail tip.

If you do not want classic french manicure, you can use another color. You can choose red, purple, blue, green or any other color you want. Alternatively, you can use another contrasting color with white nail polish.

In the eighth step, apply a protective clear coat to preserve the appearance of your newly applied nail polish. Using a top coat helps the manicure last longer.

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How To Make French To An Oval Nail?

In fact, it is much more difficult to do a french manicure on oval nails than it is on square nails. So you have to use a french manicure ring or a french manicure pen. Apart from that, after cutting a band-aid in an oval shape, you can stick it to your nails and apply it more easily.

foot french nail polish

How to Apply French Nail Polish to Feet?

In the first step, apply base coat on your nails. Let the nail polishes dry, or the result could be a disaster!

In the second step, choose a nail polish in your favorite color to apply to the tips of your nails.

In the third step, take a french tape and stick it to your nails. Apply your chosen nail polish in a straight line to the gaps left on the nail tip.

In the fourth step, let the nail polishes dry before removing the tape. If you remove the tape before the nail polishes dry, the straight line it should be is not very straight. I suggest you wait half an hour before removing the tape.

In the fifth step, apply protective and clear nail polish to your toenails. This will make the cuticle last longer.

French Manicure Models

The perfect harmony of powder pink and white provides a stylish look in french manicure. You can use powder pink as the base color and a slightly shimmering pearl white on the tips. You can use this elegant and stylish French manicure for business meetings and private organizations.

The second french manicure design starts with a slightly pinkish white matte nail polish. You can apply pinkish white matte nail polish as a base and polish the ends with rose gold nail polish. This is a modern version of the classic french manicure to match today’s nail trends.

Another french manicure idea starts with a classic pink base coat. The nail tips have been painted evenly with a white matte nail polish for a neat look. Each ring nail has a fine line of pink and brown cherry blossoms. This nail art is simple enough for anyone to use. Flowers made in the form of a straight strip on the nails of the ring finger provide a nice and striking look.

Another gorgeous french manicure design starts with a base coat of pale pink nail polish. Nail tips, on the other hand, are completed with golden nail polish that is applied smoothly and perfectly. This look is great for brides, bridesmaids or anyone who wants to look like a princess. It has a very natural harmony with gold jewelery. You can easily use this model for a stylish and cool nail design at special nights, weddings and parties.

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