How To Make A Peach Diet That Loss 3 Weight In 3 Days?

peach diet that makes 3 kilos in 3 days; peach is consumed and additional foods are added with it diet program. Since peach is a fiber-like food, it has the feature of keeping it full for a long time. In this way, when people make a peach diet, they stay full for a long time as they are fed peach-focused, but they also get less calories. Since 89% of peach is water, it is a very suitable food for diet.

Peach How Many Calories?

There are 41 calories in 100 grams of peach. According to diet programs, people should consume 1 glass of peach juice drinks by calculating time calories. In addition, when they consume peaches for breakfast and regular meals, they should calculate calories with this math and consume the appropriate amount accordingly.


diet list of peach diet

3 kilos in 3 days a day of peach diet that gives diet list is as follows:

  • At breakfast in the morning; 1 medium peach and 1 bowl of nonfat yogurt should be eaten. You should also drink 1 cup of unsweetened coffee.
  • As lunch; 1 medium peach and 1 bowl of nonfat yogurt should be eaten. In addition, 1 serving of grilled chicken breast should be consumed.
  • As dinner; 1 medium peach and 1 bowl of yogurt should be consumed. In addition, 2 boiled eggs should be eaten.

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