How to make a skin massage with pink quartz stone? How to use Rose Quartz roles?

The interest in skin care with Dermaroller is increasing day by day. After the massage with jade stone, now skin care with Rose Quartz roller has become popular. How to make a skin massage at home with Pink quartz stone, which helps renew the skin, look smooth. Where to buy the best Rose Quartz roles? How to use Rose Quartz roles? If you want to learn, you can browse our article.

Pink quartz stone is a rare type of stone in nature. This natural stone, also known as rose quartz, was used for making seals and symbols in ancient times. The chemical structure of this pink quartz stone, whose main color varies from pale pink to rose rose, consists of silicon and oxygen. Nowadays, pink quartz stone used for therapeutic purposes has become one of the skin care products. We have done a detailed research for those who do not know much about the Rose Quartz roles sold now.


Isis, which was at the head of Egypt in ancient years, is known to use rose quartz stone to protect its youth and beauty. Due to these legends, the researches on rose quartz have obtained healing properties, preventing aging, and even needing to be used during care.

You can have Pink quartz stone on your bedside, which helps prevent radiation. When applied regularly, pink quartz stone, which supports the acceleration of blood circulation, also relieves hand and foot discomfort.



Relaxes and relaxes facial muscles and skin,
Eliminates congestion and reduces inflammation,
Improves blood circulation and skin tone,
Increasing the elasticity of the skin,
To reduce puffiness and wrinkles,
To reduce the circles under the eyes,
It plays a big role in removing toxins.



Prepare the Rose Quartz roller that you keep in the refrigerator for the last stage of your skin care.

Apply the products such as cream and serum onto your face and apply the Rose Quartz roller by massaging. At this stage, your blood circulation will be accelerated.

Note: We recommend that you pass at least 3 times in each region while doing your massage.

After you are done with the roller, you can clean it and keep it in the refrigerator again.



Quartz stone, as the name suggests, consists of crystal minarets. There is mostly a frozen water drop in the crystal quartz that spreads over a wide area in the world. Quartz types, which are among the precious stones nowadays, are among the sought-after stones of jewelery and ornaments. This stone, which we can qualify as a semi-precious stone, attracts the attention of jewelry designers and is placed at the very end of jewelry such as single stones and necklaces. There are some things you should pay attention to while buying this stone, which is now a maintenance product. You should especially check if the stone is certified in the Roles you purchased. Since it is a natural stone, you should ask whether it is suitable for the use of oil and serum. If you are looking for a safe Rose Quartz roller for your skin care, you can definitely visit the RollerTurkey page.

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