How to Make a Steam Bath? Benefits And Harm Of Steam Bath

How would you like to have a smoother skin with the steam bath, which cleanses the skin from blackheads and pimples by showing a detox effect and helps the skin to look smoother and more beautiful?

Steam bath, which can be preferred to treat respiratory problems as well as facial cleansing; It relieves stress, relieves headaches, relieves muscle pain, and heals respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma.

How to make a steam bath? In this article titled skin care after steam bath, we would like to briefly inform you about the benefits of the steam bath after mentioning the types of steam bath.

What is Steam Bath

Steam bath is one of the high temperature treatment methods frequently used by people with nasal congestion and flu. Another area of ​​use is one of the most preferred applications to open and clean the pores of the skin by holding hot water on the face for skin care.

Here’s what you need to know about the steam bath:

How To Steam The Face

Facial steam, one of the most effective and easiest methods of opening pores and cleansing deeply; It accelerates the blood circulation in the face and cleans our skin from dirt.

The moisturizing mask applied to the skin right after the facial steam enables you to get a more efficient result from the steam bath.

Steam Bath

  • Boil 3-4 glasses of water in a saucepan.
  • When the water boils and steam starts to come out of the water, soak your face in this steam. However, don’t get too close to the steam.
  • In order to get the desired result from the steam bath, remove your make-up from your face and apply peeling and tonic to your skin before the procedure. In other words, clean your skin before the steam bath and make it ready for the process.
  • By taking advantage of the power of herbal teas, you can let the steam penetrate your skin more quickly.
  • For the steam bath, a little lemon, mint; chamomile and lavender; You can add sandalwood and bergamot.
  • Let your skin steam for 10 minutes. During this time, you should not forget to wrap your head with a towel.

Benefits of the Face-to-Face Steam Bath

  • The steam bath, which opens the skin pores, also purifies the skin from acne and blackheads. Especially if you have an oily skin type, you can take a steam bath several times a week to remove excess oil from your skin.
  • The steam bath, which accelerates blood circulation, allows the skin to breathe thanks to this feature. It revitalizes the skin and contributes to getting rid of a pale and dull appearance.
  • The steam bath, which relaxes the facial muscles, also allows you to relieve the stress on you.


You can complete your skin care completely by applying a mask suitable for your skin type after the steam bath.

At this point, you can apply a clay mask on your face. Or you can apply some honey on your skin with the help of your fingertips. After keeping the honey or clay mask on your skin for 15 minutes, you should not neglect to rinse your skin with warm water.

When you want to apply moisturizer to your skin after the steam bath, you can use your own moisturizer or moisturize your skin with the help of coconut oil, argan oil or jojoba oil.

The Damages of the Steam Bath

It should be known that steam bath has benefits as well as harms. Among the most known damages of steam bath; It is when excessively hot water burns the skin or face. In addition, vegetable oils added to hot water to make a steam bath will cause allergic problems on the skin, so care must be taken.

How often to steam bath on the face

One of the most frequently asked questions is how many times a week steam bath is done and how often it is done. It is sufficient to do the steam bath once a week or once in 15 days.

What to Do After Steam Bath

Steam bath is one of the first treatments for skin care. After taking a steam bath, the pores are cleaned and moisturizing cream is used for skin care. Especially after the steam bath clay mask You can do.

How to Make a Steam Bath in the Bathroom?

The steam bath, which is extremely healthy like facial steam and made in the bathroom, relaxes not only the facial muscles but also all the muscles of our body. After a busy working day, you can get rid of all your tiredness and stress with the steam bath, and at the same time, you can clean all the pores in your body.

To make a steam bath in your bathroom;

  • With a heater, heat your bath for 15-20 minutes.
  • Tightly close bathroom doors and windows to prevent steam from escaping.
  • Put some boiling water in a small bowl and add the essential oils you love. Place this container close to the shower.
  • Set your shower to its warmest setting (At this point, you should avoid taking a shower with this water. We aim to relax our body and open our pores with the steam bath. In other words, we do not bathe with hot water in any way. Otherwise, you may be bathed in hot water; may cause your skin to burn).
  • Put a chair in your bathroom and sit on this chair and wait for the steam to touch your whole body for 15 minutes.
  • After the steam bath, take a warm shower to relax your body.
  • Apply moisturizer to your entire body after showering.

Benefits of Steam Bath in Bathroom:

  • It takes the tension of your muscles by acting on all body muscles.
  • It is extremely good for muscle aches and rheumatic pains.
  • Headaches caused by sinus problems are eliminated in a short time.
  • Steam bath; By releasing endorphins in our body, it mediates us to feel more peaceful and stress-free.
  • It cleanses our body from toxins and waste.
  • It dilates blood vessels, increases circulation and increases blood flow to the muscles. In this way, oxygen is carried to the muscles faster and more abundantly. It is considered among the most effective methods of getting rid of muscle pain caused by fibromyalgia, especially known as soft tissue rheumatism.
  • It leads the health of the scalp by considering the health of the hair as well as the skin health. It also balances the amount of sebum in the hair and prevents the hair from getting oily quickly.

Benefits and Benefits of Steam Bath to Skin

Skin care experts have stated that the steam bath has benefits for the skin. The benefits of the steam bath, which is one of the most effective methods that cleanse the skin deeply;

  • Eliminates black spots on the skin
  • Oily and combination skins are recommended to be done once a week.
  • Allows makeup residue to be removed from the skin
  • Steam bath to the face prevents acne and acne formation
  • Increases blood circulation
  • It allows vegetable oils to have a better effect on the skin.
  • Eliminates excess fat on the face and forehead
  • Removes dead skin from the skin
  • It helps to reduce wrinkles
  • It is the most effective method that cleanses the skin deeply.

Who Is Not Suitable For A Steam Bath?

  • Pregnant women, blood pressure patients and young children should avoid steam baths.
  • If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or any other health problem, you should definitely consult your doctor about whether you can enter the steam bath.
  • You should not enter the steam room after consuming alcohol or eating a heavy meal.

Things You Need To Pay Attention To When Taking A Steam Bath In The Bathroom:

Turning your bathroom into a steam room can sometimes cause some side effects. That’s why you need to pay attention to some points before entering the steam bath.

At this point, we strongly recommend that you consider our recommendations below:

  • Do not stay in the bath for longer than 15 minutes. Take at least a few liters of pet water bottle with you for 15 minutes and consume this bottle. Otherwise, your exposure to steam for a long time; It can lead to complications such as heart palpitations, nausea, and fainting.
  • Stop the steam bath the moment you feel sleepy or unconscious in the bathroom. Get out of the room immediately and drink lots of water!

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