How to make foot care at home? Methods to remove heel calluses. . .

Foot care is among the things that every woman should not neglect. Especially in the winter, the shoes, which remain stuffy for hours, may crack, eczema or other discomfort over time. Regular maintenance is essential for your feet to look flawless at all times. So how to make foot care at home? The answer is in our news.

Our feet, which are tired and worn out by the human being, are one of the most precious organs of our body. Small touches will make your feet more beautiful and well-groomed after an intense day. Instead of waiting for hours in the beauty centers and paying a large amount of money, you can follow the steps we have prepared and you can have a wonderful foot care. Moreover, when you meet with the comfort of being at home, both your body and feet will rest. So how is this foot care done, what should be considered when doing foot care at home? You can find all the details in our article below.



First of all, let your feet soften by soaking them in hot water to easily remove dead skin on your feet and not damage your nails.

After your feet are softened, add 1 aspirin into the water and massage your feet for 15 minutes. This step helps reduce pain in your feet.

After your feet are soft, take it out of the water, dry it with a towel and cut your nails to the extent you want. After cutting your nails, clean the meat on the edge with a pedicure scissors so as not to damage the skin.


You can then push it with small pieces of wood to remove the cuticles formed on the nail, and while doing this, you can add some remover-removing liquid on your piece of wood.

Finally, you can complete the pedicure process by softening your heels with a peeling or peeling method.


Never peel off cracks in the heel. You can remove dead skin in a short time by applying moisturizing cream.

Take care to exfoliate your feet once a week.

Cotton socks will make your feet soft in the winter months. ,


Do not cut your cuticles. You can cause open wounds.

After each shower, you should clean the dead skin on your heels with the help of pumice stone. However, when cleaning the dead skin, you should be careful not to wear your healthy skin.

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