How to Make Painless Wax, What Should Be Done To Make It Not Painful While Waxing?

There are many alternative methods to get rid of body hair such as wax, razor, laser epilation, depilatory creams. Waxing is the most preferred practical way for women to remove hair for centuries. The reason why wax is so popular is that the hairs on the place where wax is made do not grow for a long time. Although wax offers a permanent solution to hair, most people avoid waxing due to the pain of wax application. You can avoid pain by following the tips we’ll let you know;

You should determine the time to do the waxing well so that it does not hurt while waxing. The week after your period is ideal for waxing. These days, with the effect of hormones, hair grows slowly and you will feel less painful because your pain threshold will be higher.

Focusing on something else while waxing will also help you not feel your pain. For this, you can watch TV, go on the internet or even read a book while you are on the network. So your mind can focus elsewhere and you will feel less pain from wax.


Apply the wax to your skin and breathe in deeply without pulling it out, while exhaling as you pull the wax. Taking your breath in this way will also prevent pain.

Taking painkillers half an hour before waxing will also help your body numb and painless waxing. However, we do not recommend the use of medication without consulting your doctor.

Emla cream, anestol cream and numbing sprays will also help numb the area to be waxed and allow you to wax painlessly. Apply any of these creams to your skin 2 hours before waxing, and wax after 2 hours.

After waxing, ice compress application on the wax will also relieve the pain.

Sprinkle powder on the place where you will do the waxing without waxing and then apply the wax, using powder is one of the most effective methods to prevent wax pain.

Wash and dry the area you are going to wax with soap and water, then apply some baby powder. The area to be waxed will soften and the waxing process will become painless.

Beauty Expert Jaklin Özkan recommends taking a shower before waxing. Taking a shower will soften your skin and facilitate the waxing process and help you wax painlessly.

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