How To Make Pine Gum Wax? Tips for Waxing Pine Gum

Pine mastic is one of the most preferred wax types. (How to prepare pine mastic in wax, how to use it?) We explained how to make and use this wax step by step in this article named. The prices of pine mastic wax in the market range from 2.5 $ to 5.5 $. You can obtain pine mastic wax from cosmetologists, markets or online. This wax can be used for the face, legs, arms, genital area, ie the whole body.

How to prepare pine mastic in wax, how is it used?

  1. Heat the water in the walnut and boil it. Soak the jar of the pine mastic wax you bought in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. While doing this, make sure that no water gets into the pine mastic. Cover it, the wax in the box will melt and it will become spreadable on your skin. The consistency of the wax should be like gum, not fluid.
  2. Check the temperature of the wax with your hand, if it is stable, your wax is ready to use. You can check whether the wax has reached the appropriate temperature for the skin by applying the wax to the inside of your wrist.
  3. Pour the melted pine mastic wax on the marble or concrete in your kitchen in the amount you will use. After the spilled pine gum has warmed a little in the wax, remove the wax with two fingers. Extend the pinecone wax you take in your hand like a gum and fold it. In this way, pine gum will melt and turn yellow.
  4. The area where you will apply the mastic wax should not be sweaty, wet, dry and clean. Otherwise, wax will not stick to the skin and you may not get the efficiency you want.
  5. Apply the pine mastic wax to your waxing area. Cut the old undershirt or cotton fabric, press the fabric onto the wax, wait for a moment, when you are sure it is well adhered, pull it quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Pulling in the opposite direction of the hair prevents problems such as ingrown hairs and not being able to remove all of the hair. You can also use commercially available waxing tapes for this process. Then wash the area you waxed.

Tips for waxing pine mastic

  1. One of the reasons why pine mastic wax is preferred is that the hair does not grow longer after waxing compared to other waxes.
  2. You can use pine gum wax to remove all unwanted hair, including legs, back, belly area, bikini area, vagina area, face and hands.
  3. Since only pine mastic contains a dense consistency in wax, it may not be the right choice to use on sensitive areas such as the upper lip and face.
  4. Be extremely careful when waxing, especially on thinner and sensitive areas such as the face and bikini area. Before removing the wax strip, stretch the skin well with your other hand so that adverse conditions such as tearing and bruising do not occur on the skin.

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