How to make pomegranate peel tea? What are the benefits of pomegranate peel tea?

The peels of the pomegranate, which is rich in antioxidants, are as beneficial as itself. Pomegranate peels, which are regarded as anti-cancer, are dried and tea is obtained. We have researched for you those who are curious about the pomegranate peel, which is the nightmare of free radicals in the body. It is considered anti-virus in winter. So how is pomegranate peel tea made? What are the benefits of pomegranate peel tea?

Rich in ellagic acid, pomegranate peel has a powerful antioxidant feature. The pomegranate, which is referred to as punica grantum in the scientific literature, grows in a temperate climate, and has a hard shell inside and has a sour sweet taste. Pomegranate grown in the Mediterranean basin has been used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for centuries. Studies on pomegranate peel, which has been recorded as a natural medicine, have been accepted as a cancer repellent. The boiled pomegranate peel, which literally renews the cells in the body, can be used in various areas. Nowadays, it has been observed that pomegranate juice is frequently used as a skin regenerating tonic in Far Eastern countries. In addition, studies have found that pomegranate peel prevents vascular occlusion and increases the number of blood cells.

Tea made from pomegranate peels is a powerful antioxidant

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Tea made from pomegranate peel, which is like a medicine, prevents the accumulation of infected cells, especially in the mouth. It also prevents the formation of the yellow layer that accumulates on the tongue that causes bad breath.

The acids it contains mixes with water during boiling. These acids help in cleansing the entire digestive system from the esophagus to the stomach and intestines. Since it facilitates digestion, it prevents constipation. It also balances the intestinal flora. It ensures that nutrients are absorbed in a healthy way and mixed into the blood.

– It has been accepted as a powerful natural remedy for prostate cancer in studies. Active metastatic acid in the shell weakens the development of cancerous cells.

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– Pomegranate peel keeps the tea full as the fibers in the peel mix with water. It is an ideal tea type especially for those who want to lose weight. It keeps you full and increases the body’s energy level.

Rich in flavanoids, pomegranate peel tea helps the liver to function healthier. Pomegranate peel tea, which allows toxins to be removed from the body quickly, prevents the accumulation of inflammation.

– Does not allow edema to accumulate. It supports the flexibility in bones and muscles. It strengthens the mechanism of nerve cells in the body.

– Experts emphasize that after excessive stress and intense work tempo, the nerves can be relaxed by drinking a glass.

Rich in ellagic acid

Pomegranate peels are simply not consumed. At the same time, when added to bath water, it destroys the fungi that cause oily on the bottom of the head. It strengthens the hair follicles.

– By reducing the number of bacteria on the skin surface, it ensures a healthier removal of toxins from the pores.

– It reduces the body’s rate of fire. It strengthens the immune system. It is the main enemy of viruses. It helps to excrete viruses into the lungs through sputum or urine.

– Boiled pomegranate peels and pour 4 glasses of water into a bucket. Add apple cider vinegar and soak your feet in this water. It regulates the blood flow in the body.

In addition, pomegranate peel juice can be used as a toxin to cleanse the skin. Pomegranate peel juice, which reduces acne, also cleans the pores. It prevents acne formation. It also makes the skin look more lively and healthy.

Tea is made from pomegranate peels


How much you will consume sun-dried pomegranate peels. Put it in a coffee pot, add water and boil it. Boil for 15 minutes and then wait for 5 minutes. Determine its temperature according to where you will use it. If it is for flu or cold, it is healthier to consume hot.

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