How to make röf at home? Step by step practical reef making

Did you know that by going to the hairdressing salons, you can make the house that you have made thousands of money and make the house you have done? Although it has reached a magnificent harmony with the sun, which has been made by women for centuries, especially in summer, it looks very beautiful in winter. Due to the mistake that even professional hairdressers missed while doing it, it can cause badness in reef. That is why you can make your own highlight at home. How Does? Let’s examine the röfle production and tricks together. . .

Röfle is the coloring process that is done by changing the hair from its own color to several shades. Those who have dark hair can look beautiful by redecorating instead of making big changes in their hair. This method does not damage the roots of the hair and gives a bright appearance thanks to the light colors applied between them. In addition to the plain color painting, the relief has a different beauty. It is done by specialist hairdressers by separating the hair into small tufts by separating them. With the relief, which is generally thought not to be made at home, it has become practically feasible at home with newly released paint types and easy application tools. Thanks to the perforated bone in the cosmetics stores, you can have high-speed hair in a very short time. How about doing this at home, which is very costly in hairdressers?



First of all, you need to decide the color you prefer at the highlight. If you want a natural appearance, you can use a 1-2 tone lighter color from your hair tone.

There are many brands of röfle for röfle. You can get one of these sets. You should support your hair with a number of products as it is a process that harms hair with damage. The sheer set you will receive is moisturizing and choosing a care cream will cause less damage to your hair.


Before starting the scratching process, you need to prepare the media for it. You can wear an old dress or an apron. By putting gloves on your hands, you can protect it from the harmful factors of the paint.

If you are going to be doing the first time at home, be sure to read the user manual that came in the set.

If you have short hair, you can use the bonnet that comes out of the set, and if your hair is long, it will be better to use foil. If you are going to knit with the bone method, comb your hair back and put the bonnet on your head and tie it in front.

Afterwards, separate your hair apart from the set with your hair and apply the mixture to these tufts.


Soak your hair for 20 to 50 minutes to achieve the desired tone and then rinse your hair without removing the bonnet on your hair. Those who use the folio method should rinse their hair by removing the folio.

After rinsing your hair, you can prevent the damage by applying the care cream that comes out of the set to your hair.

Finally, you can blow dry your hair so that your highlights can be seen more clearly.

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