How to Make Silk Eyelashes? Is Silk Eyelashes Harmful? Is Silk Eyelashes Permanent?

Silk eyelashes have an important effect to make our eyes look more beautiful. Like any woman, you definitely want to have long and bushy eyelashes. In order for our lashes to grow, we may not benefit from applying many oils and cosmetic products to our eyelashes. This is very easy in today’s technology. Silk eyelashes are produced from animal hair or synthetic materials. These eyelashes are adhered to the eyelashes on our face one by one with adhesives that do not harm our skin. These adhesives do not harm our skin.

You can use silk eyelashes for 3 months. If used for 90 days, it will not cause any spillage, pain in our eyes, eye sensitivity, tears. Spills may occur at the end of this period. In order to prevent shedding, you can go to monthly maintenance and reattach the silk lashes. Silk eyelashes are quite fire today and are made in many places. If you have decided to wear silk eyelashes, you can have it done in the beauty salon specialized in this job with peace of mind. There is no harm in applying mascara and various cosmetic products to our eyelashes after wearing silk eyelashes. In addition, it will not spill in the summer when swimming or in interaction with water.

Do Our Eyes Hurt When Wearing Silk Eyelashes?

Before putting on silk eyelashes, many people wonder whether it will damage my eye or hurt my eye during the silk eyelash application process. As every beauty has a difficulty, when we wear silk eyelashes, our eyes will hurt a little. The reason for this is that our eyes are very sensitive, so the adhesive that is attached to the eyelashes of our silk eyelashes can cause burning and pain at the edges of the eyes. But it should be known that this burning passed after a short time.

Is silk hedgehog harmful?

Silk eyelashes do not cause any harm if applied correctly. If you have decided to wear silk eyelashes. You should consult a specialist in this area. Make sure that the adhesive material used to attach the silk eyelashes is of good quality where you wear silk eyelashes, and make sure that the eyelashes are silk.

Do Our Own Mouths Damage When We Wear Silk Lashes?

While the silk eyelashes are attached to our own eyelashes in the company of a specialist, if the distance between them is adjusted well, there will be no harm. If we come to the question of whether we shed our own eyelashes, if you have allergies, our own eyelashes can be damaged because we create our eyes too much. If you do not have any allergies, it will not cause any harm.

How long can silk eyelashes be used?

If you wear silk eyelashes to a specialist in this field, your wearing time will be longer.

You can wear a silk lash and use it for 3 months without any maintenance. But it should be known that if regular and healthy maintenance is done once a month, the service life will be extended and it will be prevented from mixing with our own eyelashes.

How to remove silk eyelashes?

If you say I want to remove the silk eyelash from our eyes, you should get support from the place you have it installed or from people who have information about it. If you try to remove it at home with your own means, you may have difficulty and irritate your skin and cause your own eyelashes to fall off without removing the material that allows the silk lashes to stick.

How to care for silk eyelashes?

If you are using silk eyelashes, you should pay more attention to the cosmetic products you use and follow the hygiene rules. You can stay away from oily mascaras and give your eyelashes a bright appearance with a non-intense mascara. You can design your eyelashes with an eyelash comb and prevent them from getting mixed together. If the eyelashes are mixed, the silk eyelashes will not be meaningful and an unpleasant appearance will appear. Sleeping on our eyelashes at night and rubbing our eyes when our eyes are itchy cause our eyelashes to fall prematurely.

Does silk eyelash look natural?

If the silk lashes we wear are made by a specialist, the difference is too little to be noticed. People who see you after wearing silk eyelashes will ask how you have lengthened their eyelashes, so they will not understand.

Damages of Silk Lash

Nowadays, the use of silk eyelashes, which is quite a revision, not only adds beauty to our beauty but also harms us. These;

  • If the adhesive used for bonding the silk eyelash is not of good quality and contains chemicals, it will damage our eyes.
  • The use of silk eyelashes can sometimes cause your own eyelashes to fall out.
  • If too much silk eyelashes are applied and the distance is not taken into account, it may not create an aesthetic appearance.
  • The use of silk eyelashes is very troublesome and should be regularly combed with eyelash combs every day or they will blend together.
  • If you are a person who likes to make up, if you use intense mascara and sober, your eyelashes will break.
  • Make sure that the eyelash used is 100% natural. If you do not, it may cause irritation and scar on the applied area.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to silk eyelashes.
  • Most people say that after 2 days of using it, their eyelashes decrease in their den.
  • Reviews of Silk Lash Users
  • The process is quite simple but then very laborious
  • I used silk eyelashes and I am very satisfied
  • My darling says my eyes are more beautiful after wearing silk lashes. I advise
  • I definitely do not recommend it, I got it when I first applied mascara.
  • She started to fall out a week after wearing the silk lash.
  • Absolutely everyone should wear Silk eyelashes.

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